Friday, February 04, 2005

What next???

First and foremost, please visit my friend, Cecily's, blog ( She lost her father, a firefighter, in a fire yesterday. I'm old. It's official. I'm not just old, I'm fucking old. Not only has my body shut down but now it's starting to break down. My good old reading glasses aren't enough. I'm "on the borderline of needing bifocals". That's it! I'm not going to any more doctors. Every time I go it's something else! My stress level is just climbing and climbing. Last night we had dinner out w/my parents & sister. My mom and sister were smashed by the time we got to the restaurant w/my Dad. She was loud and goofy (which is fine) but apparently got mean on the way home w/my dad. They have to stop fighting - it's killing them both. Between my mom's bitch boss and my dad not helping - it's just too much. They have to find balance. My darling wonderful husband had no patience last night. He gets this air about him when he's upset/annoyed/angry etc that I just feed off of. I asked him if he was angry and he said he was annoyed w/the drunken antics. What he didn't realize (I guess) is that he was snappy with me. I'm about as raw as possible these days - I don't have the tolerance for it which sucks because he has every right to be pissy. He was fine after an hour or two (when he crawled into bed and pressed his ice cold hands on my nice warm boobs and his ice cold feet on the backs of my nice warm legs... YIKES). The day is almost done... I'm heading out to get my hair done and then home to relax.

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