Thursday, July 28, 2005

Another Infertile Gets Knocked Up!

Go give Dead Bug some serious lovin! That girl is sporting a HcG of 136! It must be the heat. So many of my infertile blogging buddies are getting their miracles. I pray that all of you get your dreams fulfilled. I promise a snarky non-crunchy post later :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Happy Birthday Baby

Dylan is 3 weeks old today. I can't wait to meet him.

Finished Paperwork, Names and Friends

Well, our last document has come and gone. The wonderful 171H (or 797H depending on who you ask) is off to the nice dossier lady in South Carolina. Unless there is a problem (G-d forbid) we are done with our paperwork for now. Now we just wait to bring Dylan home. Oops... did that just slip out? Yes, we've decided to go with Dylan and are still playing with middle name(s). On the "not about Dylan" front, I'm almost finished knitting Marc's scarf which means I will be starting on Dylan's blanket soon. On Saturday, I got to meet a bunch of amazing ladies that I had met online at Fertility Friend. They were part of a local group of posters that I have gotten to know over the past year. They are an amazing group of women and I feel so honored to be able to count them as friends. Liana is a very talented knitter and extremely patient teacher. We got together in a fabulous coffee shop to knit and chat. Since I knew how to knit already, she gave me some pointers and helped me decide on a lovely blanket for Dylan. Cecily couldn't join us but I was finally able to meet the lovely Tara and my adoption buddy Barb. There are many other amazing women in this group that I hope to meet soon. As much of a curse as infertility has been for us, it has also been a huge blessing. Without it I wouldn't have these amazing people in my life. Without it I wouldn't have Dylan.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Hurry Up!

and wait. That's the stage we are at now. A courier has, most likely, dropped off our Dossier at the Guatemalan Embassy in DC. In about a week to ten days it gets authenticated and the Dossier lady will send it down to Guatemala for translation and then we wait for the request for DNA. That is still a few weeks away. So I will just look forward to receiving a new photo of the baby along with his medical report. We had fun this weekend but I felt bad because Marc worked Saturday and Sunday. We saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory & Fantastic Four at the drive in on Saturday. I loved Charlie and hated Fantastic Four. While Marc worked on Sunday, I layed out at my Mom's pool. ***Sign my map please! I see really cool readers from really cool places that haven't signed my map so... please sign my map - it's that cool icon to the left of the post. Thanks!***

Friday, July 22, 2005


Everything except the I797 is now on it's way to the Dossier Prep lady. Our photos, our passport copies, all of our authenticated documents, everything. She is going to put them together and take them to DC to have the Guatemala Consultate authenticate everything. Then everything goes down to Guatemala to begin the process there. Hang tight little one - Mommy and Daddy are working hard to bring you home.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

We're getting closer!

We are now certified (or certifiable depending on who you ask). We are now sending everything down to the lovely Ms D to take to the Guatemalan Consulate in DC and then she prepares our Dossier and sends it to Guatemala to begin the process down there. A few more steps closer to our son we are! I'm very excited. I'm finally meeting some of my virtual friends in real life! My inspiration for starting this blog was my friend Cecily. I met Cecily online at Fertility Friend on a board they have for local infertiles. We are all hanging out at an uber cool coffee house to chat, drink coffee and knit. I am looking forward to meeting these incredible women face to face. Oh, and since we didn't get to go to the drive-in last week, we decided to go this weekend. Well, now I'm really glad that we didn't get to go last week because now they are showing Charlie & the Chocolate Factory and Fantastic Four. Woo Hoo!!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Ohhhh, pretty, gold, shiny, medallion

That's what I saw when I pulled the authentications out of the envelope. One State down and one to go! Also still waiting on INS to get their collective asses in gear. Hoping to see that tomorrow or Friday. I would love to send everything down on Friday. That would be perfect. Today is the baby's two week birthday. My beautiful baby is two weeks old today. I told a woman in the gym that and she practically fell over. She was extremely pregnant (I actually felt sorry for her in this heat) and told me that I looked incredible for someone who just had a baby two weeks earlier. Of course all of my gym buddies cracked up laughing and blew my cover. Speaking of the gym, I got my ass kicked this morning by a 5 foot tall Swedish chick. She filled in for the spin instructor and did some shit I've never done before. I'm gonna be hurting tomorrow!

Monday, July 18, 2005

That was cool

Got the ultrasound (external one - YaY). Tech said that everything looks normal. She also called me skinny. I'm in love with the young, thin, blonde, beautiful ultrasound tech who called me skinny. I think I told her that too. She is my new best friend! So, the doctor's office called because the ultrasound place didn't have my referral. They made me sign off that I'd be responsible for the bill (which he assured me would be covered) and did the ultrasound. The doctor's office now tells me they are not capitated to that office and he shouldn't have done the ultrasound. I told her that she can tell him that if insurance doesn't cover it - they damn well better write it off. She said they'd fight it for me. This is why I love this office. Paperwork is pretty much done except for one thing that goes off tomorrow to be authenticated. I worked on the photo array and it came out quite nice (if I do say so myself). Just waiting on everything to come back from the state and the INS shit and then it's off to Guatemala! Woo Hoo!

Feed Me! Give Me Something to Drink!!!

I'm whining because I have to fast before this ultrasound. I don't want to go. I've had enough ultrasounds for a lifetime. Yes, I know this isn't the cootercam but still. I'm also whiny because I didn't see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory this weekend beause it was raining and I felt like shit. I'm also whiny because one of the reference letters has to be redone. Ok, enough whining... Marc and I really buckled down and stuck to our Weight Watcher program this week and I lost 4.8lbs and Marc lost 4.4lbs! Yay! Yesterday we went to a Phillies game and had tickets in the Diamond Dugout. What does that mean??? We sat three rows behind home plate, next to the Phillies Dugout (close enough to feel the air conditioning in the dugout) and everything is included. All our food, drinks, etc. I didn't go crazy because I wasn't feeling well but it was great fun and the Phillies won!

Friday, July 15, 2005

I'M SO EXCITED!!!!! (no, not baby related)

I just got an email from Marc. We have a date tomorrow night. We are going here. I can't wait!!!! One of my coworkers who just had a baby was making fun of me until he realized that he could actually go to the movies with his wife and baby!


That's how I feel this morning! Alive and in shape and amazing. I broke in my new spinning shoes and, wholly shit do they make a huge difference. For anyone reading this who doesn't know what spinning is, it's a cardio workout on a specialized stationary bike. On average, I burn about 600 calories in 45 minutes (which, in weight watchers terms is an extra 6 points for that day!). However... my body is being mean to me again. I went to the doctor about this weird pain I've been getting between my shoulder blades and the (teensy bit of TMI) constant burping. When I told the lovely Dr. F about my symptoms she was pretty sure it was gall bladder. I have an appointment Monday for an Ultrasound. Let's all hope that it's acid reflux (similar symptoms) and I just have to take some pills and not get my belly sliced open. Okay, I'm being melodramatic, it's laproscopic but I'm totally freaked out by the thought of having to do general anesthesia. You'd think with all of the procedures I've been through the past year I wouldn't care but.. that's one thing that has always scared me. Anesthesia. In the meantime, as I await my diagnosis I'm determined to be as healthy as I can because I have one minor live event and one MAJOR life event. Minor... 20 Year High School Reunion. MAJOR... bringing home my son.

Thursday, July 14, 2005


Tania's pregnant! Pass it on :) Oh, and check out her lovely blog and tell her how great it is that she got knocked up her first round of IVF. She's feeling a bit freaked out and could use your good cheer Tania.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Just breathe

That's what I've been telling myself all day. Missed spinning class by 3 minutes (they locked the door) and I was so excited to break in my new spinning shoes. Just breathe and get on the elliptical for 45 minutes at the highest setting. Get a call from the Agency. Stand in social worker (our s/w is away for a few days) says "you are going to wire the money to Guatemala today right?" "I wasn't planning on it why?" "Oh, it has to be done today without fail. You may be able to do it tomorrow morning but that's pushing it". Just breathe. Called Marc and he took care of calling the bank. Left office for appointment with breast doctor and get a few blocks, realize I forgot the films. Just breathe, walk back to the office and then power walk a mile to the doctor's office getting very sweaty in the process. Get back and there is no confirmation from the bank. Marc is stuck doing something and I have to call the bank. Sitting on hold for over thirty minutes... just breathe. Explained situation to amazing woman at the bank and we have our tracking number for the wire transfer. Breathing is an amazing thing. No only does it keep us alive (duh) but it massages the internal organs. Everyone likes a good massage right? I have also come to the realization that the pains are definitely stress related. I was fine until the last part of this happened. Bang - pain right between the shoulder blades. I closed my eyes, took deep cleansing breaths and the pain subsided. Wow, do I sound granola crunchy or what??? Sorry gang. I'm not a crunchy kinda girl but this shit has kept me sane during a fairly insane day. Peace out :)

I be Smart

Take the MIT Weblog Survey It's a really cool MIT survey for bloggers - go check it out!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Somewhat boring post

Nothing new to report - still working on the paperwork. Pretty close to having it ready for one state. Waiting on a few more items for the other state. I will say that the stress is getting to me and I think that is why I have felt like utter shit the past few days. Every time I eat or drink something (other than water) I get a horrible pain between my shoulder blades. I have an appointment with my doctor on Thursday to check my gall bladder. Hopefully, it's just the stress and will go away with time. Oh, and PLEASE SIGN MY MAP!!!! I have seen a huge increase in hits on my site and I'd love to know where you are all from!

Monday, July 11, 2005

Whew - this shit's bananas!

As my lovely husband likes to say. The notary seal from the home study and license should be fine - it's been approved in the past and we will send it up for authentication as is. Everything is coming along nicely. I got a call from our State Police to tell me that they are overnighting me the Good Conduct Letter. I got a call from Homeland Security saying that they are only working on June fingerprints now (we got ours done on 7/6 - the baby's birthday) but she would put us to the top of the pile since we have our referral (expected arrival - within 2 weeks). Our home study agency is getting us the missing paperwork that they are holding. We got the medical reports and blood work back (to my untrained eye- everyone looks ok) and I have sent it off to the doctor's office for a report to be issued. I have to say again how much I love my agency. If anyone is looking for an agency, please email me and I will be happy to discuss them with you. They have been wonderful. Even when I was bugging the home study agency (a division of the adoption agency) they were very patient with me. Marc and I are just so lucky.

Friday, July 08, 2005

So I'm sitting at my desk in my office

Just minding my own business when "ring, ring, ring". I answer the phone and it's the wonderful, amazing, incredible social worker L from my agency. "Julie?" She says. I said "Yes". "Hi! It's L from your agency and I was just wondering where we are on paperwork". So I explain to her that we are coming along nicely. There is a slight problem I just learned about from another adopter who is going through the same home study agency (notary is incorrect) and have to get that resolved but expect to by ready in a few weeks". "Really" she said. "Any chance you can speed things up?" I said "why?" Her response.... "because I have a referral for you. Everyone at the agency is waiting on a girl and I have a boy and he's beautiful". "HUH?????????? Are you serious??" She said "yep, if you are prepared, we can do this!". We just got our fingerprints done 2 days ago! I got the picture and called Marc. He was in his Mom's office. I asked him if he could get his email there and he said "no, why?" I said "because I'm looking at a picture of your son". He was so confused! I told him that we got the referral and he ran to his desk. I think he fell in love as quickly as I did. I didn't think I could love him any more than I already do but I just fell in love with him all over again. That was at 10:30 this morning. I have called INS to see if they can expedite our fingerprints, I've been calling the State Police to find out where our letter is, making an apponitment with the international adoption doctor. I'm in such a haze. Someone pinch me!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

A little levity is needed here so....

A little story for you, my fair readers, of my brother-in-law. We shall call him, for the sake of the story, Mr. Jumpy. Mr. Jumpy HATES loud noises. Especially those directed at him or happen near him. Take the first time I made the hideous mistake of beeping my car horn at him. I was read the riot act on that. Today, my darling husband, who works with Mr. Jumpy, is getting ready to run his daily errands. He puts his keys in his pocket, gets his paperwork together and then realizes there was something that need to be done before he left so he sat down. Now, dear readers, inside of darling husband's pants pocket along with those little keys is a remote. It looks like a car remote but it's not. It's the remote to the new alarm system they just had installed in their office. Well, one of those keys must have hit the panic button just as Mr. Jumpy is walking by the alarm. Well, Mr. Jumpy hit the roof and knowing him... Squealed like a little girl. Marc said he thougth they were going to have to call a brown alert on that one (eeewwww).

So Sad

They found the little girl I posted about. They found her in a river and they said she had not drowned, that she was murdered and placed there. What the fuck is wrong with people today? How do you look at a child and want to hurt them? My prayers have gone out to this poor child and her family, her friends and her community. My prayers are also with my friends in England. I hope you catch the cowards who did this to you.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Missing Child

Missing Child Posted by Picasa Have you seen this child? I learned about her on Jamilia's blog. She has been missing for 6 days. Please keep her & her family in your prayers. She was last seen in her mother's apartment in Northern Iowa. To read more about the possible abduction, please click here.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

What a weekend!

We were supposed to fly up to Boston on Friday. Our flight was supposed to leave at 5:30 but by 8:00 we knew we weren't going anywhere (bad weather). We rebooked our flight, reclaimed our luggage and headed home to take care of some, well, stuff (wink wink). We woke up early, Marc mowed the lawn and, a few showers later, we were at the airport again. This time we did, in fact, take off and make it to Boston at 2:30 pm. Andy and Lori picked us up and we headed back to the house. The house is beautiful with lots of comfy bedrooms and a big kitchen and 2 car garage and a beautiful deck and two incredible inhabitants who know how to make people feel loved and welcomed. We wandered around Boston and just ordered pizza and hung out all night. Oh, and don't play duck duck goose around a campfire when you are drunk. Just leads to bruises. Sunday there was a huge bbq at the house and my good friend Joelle & her boyfriend joined the festivities. Lots of incredible food, friends and booze made for a fun night. There was volleyball, croquet (did I spell that right), stupid word games. It was amazing. Monday we just vegged till it was time to come home. We are heading out tomorrow to get fingerprinted. Hopefully it wont' be too horrible a wait. Then, we get our stuff out to the State(s) for authentication and then... our dossier will be complete! YAYYYYYYYY

Friday, July 01, 2005


Ok, we're not going fishing. We're going to Boston to see our good friends, Andy and Lori (see below). We met Andy & Lori at a swing dance class I made Marc take with me. They were the only "normal" people besides us (stop snickering). We had a great time and have been friends ever since. We still love them even though they abandoned us and moved to Boston :) So we are leaving tonight to go up and visit them. To all of my blog buddies and friends in cyberspace... have a groovy weekend. Have fun, be safe and if you are going to Live 8.... have a blast! Oh yeah, before you go, if you haven't already done so... SIGN MY MAP!!! Me and Andy Posted by Picasa Me and Lori Posted by Picasa