Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Ohhhh, pretty, gold, shiny, medallion

That's what I saw when I pulled the authentications out of the envelope. One State down and one to go! Also still waiting on INS to get their collective asses in gear. Hoping to see that tomorrow or Friday. I would love to send everything down on Friday. That would be perfect. Today is the baby's two week birthday. My beautiful baby is two weeks old today. I told a woman in the gym that and she practically fell over. She was extremely pregnant (I actually felt sorry for her in this heat) and told me that I looked incredible for someone who just had a baby two weeks earlier. Of course all of my gym buddies cracked up laughing and blew my cover. Speaking of the gym, I got my ass kicked this morning by a 5 foot tall Swedish chick. She filled in for the spin instructor and did some shit I've never done before. I'm gonna be hurting tomorrow!


  1. I'm getting so excited for you. When do you think you will be able to pick him up?

    Sounds like you are a gym stud. I'm allergic to gyms.

  2. So, I don't think I've seen this on here, but forgive me if you've answered these already:

    Do you know yet when will you get to see your baby boy?

    What is the protocol like -- do you make two visits? Stay in the country for a couple weeks?

    Do have any estimations on when he'll be coming home?

    Just curious....and SO EXCITED for you!!!

  3. Anonymous2:07 PM

    God I'm jealous! About the authentications I mean.

    Oh, and the exercise too. I wish I lived close to you and you could inspire me to exercise!!!!

  4. Happy birthday to your little boy! I long for the time when I can get back in the gym (and to spinning) again!!

  5. I hate it when I get my ass kicked in spinning class! That is so fantatsic about the baby. I can't wait to see a photo.

  6. Two weeks old already WOW, time sure flys. Please let us no mater ASAP,lol. I wish I could join a gym but I have no time.

  7. I hope you hear from the INS today!!! Happy 2-week B-day to your little guy!

  8. Happy 2-week birthday.

    Glad the gym is still working out for you, keep up the good work.