Tuesday, July 05, 2005

What a weekend!

We were supposed to fly up to Boston on Friday. Our flight was supposed to leave at 5:30 but by 8:00 we knew we weren't going anywhere (bad weather). We rebooked our flight, reclaimed our luggage and headed home to take care of some, well, stuff (wink wink). We woke up early, Marc mowed the lawn and, a few showers later, we were at the airport again. This time we did, in fact, take off and make it to Boston at 2:30 pm. Andy and Lori picked us up and we headed back to the house. The house is beautiful with lots of comfy bedrooms and a big kitchen and 2 car garage and a beautiful deck and two incredible inhabitants who know how to make people feel loved and welcomed. We wandered around Boston and just ordered pizza and hung out all night. Oh, and don't play duck duck goose around a campfire when you are drunk. Just leads to bruises. Sunday there was a huge bbq at the house and my good friend Joelle & her boyfriend joined the festivities. Lots of incredible food, friends and booze made for a fun night. There was volleyball, croquet (did I spell that right), stupid word games. It was amazing. Monday we just vegged till it was time to come home. We are heading out tomorrow to get fingerprinted. Hopefully it wont' be too horrible a wait. Then, we get our stuff out to the State(s) for authentication and then... our dossier will be complete! YAYYYYYYYY


  1. I want to come and play with you and your friends!

    Whenever I mention playing duck,duck,goose with my friends, they look at me as though I should be committed.

    Thanks for the distraction....now my 62.5% has turned into duck.....duck....duck.....goose!

    Good luck with the finger printing, everything seems to be moving along so quickly (though no doubt not quickly enough for you).

  2. I live near Boston and it was so beautiful over the weekend! Hope you enjoyed being in Beantown, it sure sounds like you did!

    Happy fingerprinting day! Here's to short lines and non-permanent ink.

  3. Sounds like a very fun trip!

    Wow, you're on your way soon to adoption...that's so wonderful!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful weekend!! Just think how different next 4th of July will be! :) I'll be right here waiting with you! Have fun getting fingerprinted!

  5. Shit - my agency didn't want me to start my dossier until the home study was done.
    Sounds like a great weekend!!

  6. Glad you had an awesome weekend.

    YAY, fingerprints. One more check-box will be complete.

  7. Oh man, your drunken duck duck goose sounds fun! That definitely beats our twirly slide drunken adventure.

    I hope your fingerprints are processed quickly. Oh man, you are getting really close to a referral!