Monday, July 25, 2005

Hurry Up!

and wait. That's the stage we are at now. A courier has, most likely, dropped off our Dossier at the Guatemalan Embassy in DC. In about a week to ten days it gets authenticated and the Dossier lady will send it down to Guatemala for translation and then we wait for the request for DNA. That is still a few weeks away. So I will just look forward to receiving a new photo of the baby along with his medical report. We had fun this weekend but I felt bad because Marc worked Saturday and Sunday. We saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory & Fantastic Four at the drive in on Saturday. I loved Charlie and hated Fantastic Four. While Marc worked on Sunday, I layed out at my Mom's pool. ***Sign my map please! I see really cool readers from really cool places that haven't signed my map so... please sign my map - it's that cool icon to the left of the post. Thanks!***

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  1. Anonymous11:53 PM

    I loved Charlie too. Haven't seen Fantastic 4 yet, but hubby is itching too.