Thursday, July 07, 2005

A little levity is needed here so....

A little story for you, my fair readers, of my brother-in-law. We shall call him, for the sake of the story, Mr. Jumpy. Mr. Jumpy HATES loud noises. Especially those directed at him or happen near him. Take the first time I made the hideous mistake of beeping my car horn at him. I was read the riot act on that. Today, my darling husband, who works with Mr. Jumpy, is getting ready to run his daily errands. He puts his keys in his pocket, gets his paperwork together and then realizes there was something that need to be done before he left so he sat down. Now, dear readers, inside of darling husband's pants pocket along with those little keys is a remote. It looks like a car remote but it's not. It's the remote to the new alarm system they just had installed in their office. Well, one of those keys must have hit the panic button just as Mr. Jumpy is walking by the alarm. Well, Mr. Jumpy hit the roof and knowing him... Squealed like a little girl. Marc said he thougth they were going to have to call a brown alert on that one (eeewwww).

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  1. ha ha ha, brown alert.

    Did husband get the riot act for setting off the alarm?