Thursday, February 03, 2005

I Love That Man Of Mine!!

~sigh~ It's just the little things that get me. When he places his hands on my face and kisses me, when he pulls me back into bed for a few minutes of extra snuggles, when he makes me my favorite dinner and when he says something that just gets me, you know, right there in my heart. I'm reading (at the recommendation of the therapist) "Adopting After Infertility" by Patricia Irwin Johnson. Now, up until this point, I have been the one reading everything I can get my hands on with regards to infertility and just reporting what I've read back to Marc. As I finished my workout (stationary bike - so I could read), I went over to say goodbye to Marc as he ran on the treadmill. I told him that the book was "so far, so good". He then said "Great, I'll read it when you are done". Wow. I don't know why this hit me the way it did but... Wow. I just fell in love with him all over again. "Is it possible that the drugs are what caused my system to shut down". This is a thought that I've had off and all for the past few days. One of my wonderful friends, Lori, is a chemist for a major drug company. She said to me on Saturday that it's a shame she is working on drugs for menopause instead of working in the division that is currently working on FsH at her company. WHAT???? There are a bunch of scientist, that you know, working on FsH. GET ME PHONE NUMBERS!!!! I want to talk to these people, I want to understand what is wrong with my body, I want to know if it's the drugs or did my time just run out. She promised she'd talk to them and I know she will. Lori and her husband Andy have been a big part of our lives for some time now. Marc and I met them at swing dance class. The other people in this class were very strange and Lori and Andy were the closest thing to normal (at least our kind of normal) in the room so we just gravitated to them. It was pretty funny, I am the dancer in our little family and Andy is the dancer in his. As we tripped across each other on the dance floor we would talk about the goings on in our town. Do you like Mexican? Do you like Italian? Have you been to this place or that place? We all decided we would celebrate the completion of the class by dinner at a BYOT (bring your own tequila) Mexican Restaurant that Marc and I love and that Andy & Lori had never been to. On the last day of class, there was no sign of Andy and Lori. I was heartbroken - we had been stood up for our date! Well, after class when we went into the lobby, there was Andy and Lori sitting with a bottle of tequila. They had gotten stuck in traffic. We were now dating. It's funny, the first time we went out as a group with their friends, one of Andy's friends said to us "oh, your the couple that Andy and Lori are dating!" It became an ongoing joke. Last Memorial Day Weekend Andy and Lori tied the knot in Boston. We were honored to be invited but even more honored when we were asked to participate in their Uf Ruf (a Jewish celebration the day before the wedding). They even took us to a Sox game! Now Andy and Lori are really ready to settle down and they are moving to Boston so they can be close to Lori's family. I can't say I blame them for wanting to be close to family but it makes Marc and I sad. We will miss them but they have promised to visit a lot and... now that they have bought a house up there... we will visit them. So... one last thought before I go to work...... GO EAGLES!!!!!

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