Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Ok fine, we went. It was exactly what we expected. We can either do egg donor (either my sister or an anonymous donor), embryo adoption (the people who have done IVF and have left over embryos will sometimes donate them to people like me) or adoption. We have a lot to think about. Dr. H loved my tee shirt. Knowing I was going to have a shitty day, it seemed appropriate to wear my favorite tee. If you don't know from Happy Bunny... it's this hysterical line of tee shirts with a cute little bunny with rude sayings. My shirt has the bunny with it's paws up by it's little nose. The caption reads... "You smell like butt". Speaking of shitty.... Only those of you in infertility blogland can appreciate the insane humor of this... After our consult - Dr. H wanted to an ultrasound just to see if I had any follicles and/or lining so that she could prescribe something to bring on my period before my cruise (G-d Bless that woman!). So I go into the dildocam room, get undressed and assume the position. Well, as she is putting in the ultrasound wand... I feel this rumbling in my stomach. I was so close to farting it's not even funny (ok, it's hysterical for us - but could you imagine the poor Dr if I had?). Now, my left ovary is embarrassed that it sucks so much so it's in hiding and she's using that ultrasound wand like it's the stick shift on an old car and between the pain of her trying to find the ovary and me trying not to fart... well, let's just say that it wasn't pleasant. She tells me to meet her outside and leaves me to get dressed. I quickly throw on my underwear and pants and bend over to put on my shoes when... BBSSPPPTTT - loud as all get out! I get my shoes on and Dr. H is right outside the door with her head down over my chart. I swear she was trying not to bust out laughing. On the way home, I tell Marc the story and we had a good laugh. That's what we need right now, good laughs.

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  1. Been there, do sympathise - but at least she didn't feel the need to point out the gas on the u/s!