Friday, February 11, 2005

I should have listened yesterday...

I should have listened to myself when I said I didn't want to go (j/k). OMG I fucking hurt today! It was a hell of a workout and I was very much over my head in this class (pun intended). It was definately for more advanced yoga people but I tried my best, sweated my ass off and had a great workout. I pushed myself more than I have in a long time. I was very fortunate that my friend who insisted I take this class was in training as an assistant. She spent the majority of her time keeping me from falling over and killing myself. My head felt much clearer when we were done. Thanks Joey! I'm feeling angry today. On the news someone through a newborn baby (maybe an hour old) out of a moving vehicle into the gutter (ok - the baby landed no a grassy median) with a plastic bag over it's head. What the fuck is wrong with people?? I know that many people are embarrassed by their infertility. This needs to stop. We need to take to the airwaves, to the TV, to print media and tell our stories. Maybe if these kids hear our pain, they won't be so quick to throw their baby's away. Maybe they will stop and say "I heard the saddest story about this woman who can't have a baby and really wants one... I'll just give her mine". They offer these programs (where I live) that if a mother drops off her child (of any age) at a hospital, police or fire station - it won't be considered abandonment and she won't face prosecution. The only advertising I ever saw about this program is on a city bus. It's just so sad.


  1. Oh, Julie. This shite makes me sick. I hope the person responsible suffers horribly.

    Actually, that's a lie. I hope he/she dies. Painfully.

    We also have the programme here where one can drop of an unwanted baby no questions asked. But I h=guess the type of folks who would do such a thing tend to be too stupid to comprehend this.


  2. Hey Julie, CNN just posted that the baby was never thrown from the car. The person who supposedly witnessed it was actually the mother. Sick, still, but not as bad as originally thought.

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    Love the post on the farting btw, it had me laughing out loud here. hehe :)