Monday, February 07, 2005

Not My Favorite Position... by any stretch

Nope, that wouldn't be a sexual reference, that would be in the position to be in the presence of not one... but two incredibly beautiful pregnant women. Both are due in the next few weeks and have big round beautiful bellies. Everyone gushing (and rightfully so) over them, my friend wanting to take pictures of their tummies. Me, sitting there, trying to focus on my beloved team losing the Superbowl, feeling quite empty. Surrounded by wonderful people, feeling so very alone. It's amazing - I've seen this process rip couples apart. I've also seen it cause couples to grow closer. I think Marc and I are one of those couples. With the exception of the game... it was a great weekend. Marc and I reconnected on a level we haven't be on in a long time. Ah, intimacy, what a beautiful and wonderful thing. Speaking of my wonderful husband.. he's changed a bit. Twice over the weekend he reacted to a situation differently. Each time he reacted in a way that I would hope he would. In one situation he was being protective of me and the other, he recognized that something upset me and apologized. This got me to thinking... he has really worked so hard at being there for me... am I really there for him? Something to think about and discuss. Monday is almost over. We are in countdown mode. 18 days till vacation!

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  1. Anonymous5:14 PM

    Sorry you got trapped between preggers ladies; that sucks...