Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day!

I saw this post on a board and just had to share it - it's the origins of Valentine's Day as listed on Today in Rotten History Feb 14 The eve of the Roman feast of Lupercalia. Naked youths would run through Rome, anointed with the blood of sacrificed dogs and goats, waving thongs cut from the goats. If a young woman was struck by the thong, fertility was assured. Pope Gelasius I decided this was a bit too much, and co-opted the Roman holiday to be the Feast of St. Valentine in 484 A.D. My response to this posting??? ~jumping up and down waiving wildly~ Hit me, Hit me, I'm open!!!! Marc and I have agreed no gifts (I told him I'd kill him if he ordered flowers... so he picked some beautiful roses and gave them to me yesterday) since we are going on a cruise in 2 weeks. We exchanged cards this morning. The silly ones in the morning and the serious ones tonight. Ohhh, speaking of tonight.. we are going to Morton's Steakhouse for dinner. Weight Watchers be damned! Well, I'm off to try to soothe my poor sore throat that woke me up at 2am. Wishing everyone love, happiness and peace. I've got the love part down... just need to work on the peace and happiness.

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