Friday, January 14, 2005

Yay! I can blame it on the drugs!!

That's the first thought that went through my head when I was discussing the lovely side effects of all of these drugs with my favorite Nurse S at the clinic this a.m. (mid-luteal blood draw - yay!) One of the side effects is weight gain would explain why the scale has been creeping upwards. It's so hard not to say "fuck it!" and just eat whatever the hell I want but I know that's a reaaaaallllly bad idea. Another lovely side effect is my hormones raging overtime and it just makes me feel like crying at the most inappropriate times. I found out yesterday that my office dog's Daddies broke up and that the other Daddy in Chicago got custody. No more office dog :( No more puppy kisses in the morning. (ok- no more cleaning up the rug either). Now, let's be honest, it's not my dog, it's only been around a few months - but I wanted to just bawl my eyes out when I heard. I'm such a freaking goofball! I'm so looking forward to tonight. Having dinner with our good friends Andy and Lori which usually equals a night of just laughing our asses off. They are evil and are moving back to Boston but we love them to death! We met them at swing dance class and they were the best part of the class. I ran out to Whole Foods at lunch to get a little healthy snack (mmmm dried mango). The parking lot was jammed and I had no patience so I pulled into their underground lot. As I was leaving the lot (with my boss I may add) I am trying to negotiate a corner and manage to scrape up the side of my car on a pole :( I was not happy at all. We have been planning to get the car repainted, I'm just glad it happened now and not after we did that. Well, boys and girls in Blogland.... I'm getting ready to head out for a fun filled weekend. Tomorrow we are buying our very first snow blower. I'm so excited.

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