Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Gotta Love the Peanut!

I have a wonderful little sister. She's 14 years my junior but we are the best of friends. Last night she was helping me take my cat to the vet. On our way from my office (she met me there) to my house, we were talking about my fertility treatments. The Princess (as we like to call her) had, on numerous occasions, offered to donate her eggs to me. She's like that - very generous (almost to a fault). One of the many reasons I love her. Anyway - we get the the house and I call her into the kitchen. I showed her the needles I use for the Gonal-F (which is injected into the stomach which completely freaked her out). "Oh, that's not bad at all" she said. I agreed, then I pulled out the needle that my darling husband used for the HcG shot (big SOB). heheheh - I thought my little Princess would pass out right then and there. She then said (jokingly) "I don't think you can have my eggs". We laughed. Off we went to the vet and my sweet old kitty has arthritis and needs to be medicated. The funny thing is, you suck up the drug into a syringe, then you have to transfer it to another syringe. The nurse (who is very sweet) was very specific on how to transfer. I just kept my mouth shut but what I wanted to say was, "Oh, it's ok, I do that kinda thing all the time". I didn't, of course, because then I may have to explain myself. Nothing new in my fertility world right now. Hating the progesterone suppositories but starting to get used to them. What bothers me most is not how they make me feel but that it is causing me to do laundry more often and I HATE doing laundry! I'm in that dreaded 2ww (2 week waiting) period that most infertile people tolerate every month. When I first started this process, the 2ww was sheer agony. When you are going through fertility treatments, you over-analyze every ache, pain, twitch, fart... you just can't help it. On two occasions I really had myself convinced that I had gotten pregnant only to get my period. It was devastating. I'm getting better at not getting my hopes up. Well, Friday morning I have to have my blood drawn to check my progesterone levels. Hopefully Nurse Dracula won't be around. Your see, Nurse Dracula thinks there must be gold in my veins because the two times she tried to take my blood... she was digging for veins. It's amazing - I have absolutely no problems with anyone but her.

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