Friday, January 21, 2005

G-d Grant Me the Serenity....

I keep saying this prayer over and over in my head as I wait the results of my beta. G-d grant the serenity to accept the negative beta test (which I know is coming). G-d grand me the serenity to help my Mom deal with her bitch of a boss who is doing everything to make her life miserable. G-d grant me the serenity just to get through today. You'd think I'd be cool after my wonderful yoga class with Joelle last night but all those wonderful happy vibes that Joelle sent me last night are quickly running for the hills. It was a great class though... it's called Yin Yoga. It's very slow and deliberate. You hold each pose for approximately 5 minutes. I had a hard time with the poses but was able to use foam blocks and blankets as supports to help me. It really forces you to be still which is something I need. At the end of the class, you lay on your mat, covering yourself with the blanket. The instructor gave out eye pillows and you just lay on the floor with soft Indian music playing and be still. Right before she had us sit up, she scented herself with mint and she came over, stood over each of us and pressed down on our shoulders for a few minutes. This really opens up the chest (the pressure and the scent) and felt incredible! Joelle blew my mind. She is so flexible and so graceful when she moves into the poses. Normally, I would be jealous... I wasn't this time... I was awe struck. I was moved. Joelle and I have known each other forever. There was a few years where we grew apart but then... as luck would have it... we grew back together. We had both changed in the time we were apart and I think we like each other so much more now.

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