Monday, September 19, 2005

Wow, that was crazy!

On Saturday night, Marc and I went to my 20th High School Reunion. It was great seeing everyone. Everyone was floored at how much I had changed. I went from

TO.................... in 20 years. What you can't tell from my HS photo is that I had dirty blonde hair (yes, the truth is out, it's not "real"). I was uber skinny in high school and I'm not uber skinny any more. But I can say without any hesitation... I am happy.

It's interesting that out of the 200 or so people who attended this shindig, Marc and I managed to find the infertiles in the crowd. One was in the process of adopting from China and the other was struggling because her husband wasn't sure he could adopt. Everyone fawned over our pictures of Dylan and wished us well. No stupid remarks.

I hugged my arch nemesis, Jackie. She made my life miserable in school. Living well was my best revenge and it's been 20 years! 20 years ago she made my life hell but in the 20 years since I have seen her, I have grown past it all and Saturday night gave me a great deal of closure

If you are considering going to a reunion (especially 20+ years).... go! It's funny, a girl I knew since elementary school and I were talking about a mutual friend. She said "remember when Niki and I had a crush on the same guy?" I squealed "Dennis!" We laughed. She said "I remember how crushed I was that he liked her better. It's funny what was important to us back then". She's right. I hugged a woman who beat the shit out of me. I talked to people I never would have had anything in common with in high school that are now in a place in their lives that are very close to where I am. Many look at time as our enemy (especially in the IF world). Sometimes, it can heal us. I feel healed.


Ok, I've healed with regard to high school but NOT when it comes to the infertility shit. I got pregnanted AGAIN! Not only did I get pregnanted again but then she has the nerve to give me shit about vaccines! She tells me I'm going to get pregnant I tell her "I hope not". She told me that her kids aren't vaccinated and she got a religious exemption (even though her religion doesn't say shit about vaccines - she lied). I asked her where her kids go to school and she asked me why. I told her I wanted to make sure my son was no where near her kids. She tells me... "I've read 3 books on the subject". Um, I've spoken with doctors, educators, infectious disease people, I've read many books and reports... My kids are getting shots. I had them, Marc had them (with the mercury most likely) and we are fine! My sister-in-law is a pediatrician (who I respect greatly) and told me that when she has kids, she will have them immunized. She just said, "well, if your kids are immunized, they have nothing to worry about from my kids". Yeah, ok asshat.


  1. Yes, that women was an asshat. Glad you had fun at your reunion. It's fun to see old friends and heal old wounds.

    As for vaccinations, if you really want to hear crazy people talk about it go to My Jake will have every shot he is supposed to have, no matter how much it hurts his mommy to watch him cry!

  2. Wow, you are brave. No reunions for me, that's for sure.

    As for the immunizations, Gabe is being immunized (well already mostly was before he even came home). I don't get people sometimes??

  3. That's so funny -- I just went to my 20-year high school reunion, also! And I also had a great time re-connecting with old friends and old enemies. :) And yes, I also did manage to find the other infertiles -- we told people we were heading into adoption, and so things started coming up. One interaction that I found very interesting was with an old friend who was adopted himself -- I think I knew this in high school, but I had forgotten. To him, it was no big deal at all -- he wasn't interested in finding his birth parents, didn't feel like it influenced who he was that much. And yet I know I've heard the opposite from others. To me, it really drove home how individual the adoption experience is. Some people will be traumatized by it, and some won't be fazed at all. It's amazing, isn't it? We're hoping for an unfazed child, of course. :) But I also have to feel that if I do wind up with a child who is sensitive to the situation, that I will be more able to not take it personally. Who knew that reunions could be so educational? ;)

  4. The vaccine thing kills me. What gets to me is how much people get their panties in a bunch over it. I was vaccinated and I plan to vaccinate (should I ever get the chance)

  5. I just read an article on mercury poisoning in Time, I think, and they have discontinued the additive that includes mercury- so as far as I know, vaccines are 100% safe right now...

    And on the reunion front, I have my ten-year coming up this year and I was planning on skipping it since high school was a miserable experience for me. But after reading this, maybe I'll go after all.

  6. I have a friend who is right against vaccinating her children, she has preched to me for years not to get my youngest done. Well she had a new baby last year and when he was 6 months old he got Pertussis and was almost hospitalized. He was sick for many weeks and the whole family had to be medicated, incluceding my dauther. It got me mad that my family was exsposed to something that I had tried to guard them against. Take care, Tina.

  7. That hair is too much. We just missed Mark's 20th this year. I was on bedrest, and he didn't want to go without me.

    So many people make the decision regarding vaccinations while they're pretty uninformed. It's sad really

  8. I love that - Your kids are safe from my kids if they're vaccinated'. Wow! Way to be a selfish cow and let everyone ELSE take responsibility for not spreading infectious disease!