Friday, September 02, 2005

First, an update....

We got the request for DNA testing on Monday. We promptly filled it out and faxed it back. Now, the DNA test can take place. This is to ensure that the birth mother is, in fact, the birth mother. She has to sign off for the third time. I've been told that if the birth mother is going to change her mind, this is when it usually happens.


  1. Hey Jules!
    Hope all goes well with the DNA...I will be thinking of you and Marc.

    Have a wonderful weekend, I am headed to the shore to soak up the awesome weather

    Talk later!

  2. Whoo Hoo! Congratulations Mama, you are that much closer to brining your baby boy home!

  3. Thumbs crossed all goes well with the DNA test.
    I read your blog all the time but I'm a slacker with the commenting.
    You story is so touching and it give me such hope.

  4. Great news! I hope you get postive results quickly.

  5. Great news! My fingers are crossed that things go off w/o a hitch. bsw