Friday, September 02, 2005

Oh, I forgot to ask

I saw a post on a blog this week about a woman who took her baby (adopted from Guatemala) to a yard sale and met a young man who was also adopted from Guatemala. I wanted to show Marc the blog entry but now I can't find it. If you know what I am talking about, could you please point me in the right direction? Thanks


  1. I think I saw the story on the big list. Good luck with the DNA testing. I will have my fingers cross.

  2. sorry, I was mistaken it is at at the Guatmala forum. Hope you find it.

  3. She too kher baby to a yard sale! Wasnt she happy with it? I hope she got a good price.

  4. Oh, oh, oh! I know! I know! It wasn't a blog it was on the adoption forum board. AWESOME STORY! I will email you the link - you can post it here if you want.

  5. Forgot to ask - what is the prize?

  6. Julie,

    Stopping by via The Naked Ovary. I read your comment about donating meds.

    I have boy/girl twins who will turn two next month. If not for the generous offer of medication from an online friend, I would not have been able to go through another cycle. I could afford the RE fee's or the meds, but not both. She found success, passed me her leftovers. 8k in gonal-f and repronex.

    It worked, obviously.

    I owe her a debt that I can never repay.

    Not only did she enable us to have a chance at having another child, but as we were just starting the 2ww, we lost our 16 year old daughter.

    These babies can never replace Marrissa, but they have brought much needed laughter and joy into our home.

    I cannot imagine where we would have ended up without these new blessings...

    So, anyway... I just wanted to thank you for helping another woman out. It's a wonderful gift to give... The chance to create life.

  7. Julie,

    You are like "Hands Across America" - you bridge the divide, linking the disenfranchised among the forgotten IF lot!(e.g. see above) I wanted to say thank you for visiting my blog & leaving me a message. I am so excited for your *imminent* arrival!! I hope you don't mind if I add you to the list of lovelies on my blog.

    Also, I was wondering if you might have w*lf*ttes new blog or her email? She left a comment for me to email her for the new url, but didn't leave an address:( Or we can do this over email too if that is easier. Thanks for your help!