Monday, June 27, 2005

WE HAVE....... (baby post)

BABIES!!! My dear, sweet, wonderful friends Bob & Alyssa had their twins over the weekend. Babies, Mom & Dad are home and are doing well.


  1. Congratulations to all of them. I hope one day to be congratulating you and all us other bloggers with baby issues!

  2. Glad everyone is doing well.

    I second Deanna's thoughts. I hope to be congratulating you soon. Not that I'm not congratulating you now on the things that are done, awww never mind. I just FUBARd my sentiments.

  3. hey julie,
    thanks for checking me out. i had no idea a blog is basically viral marketing. scary. as soon an i can find the tab again (i suck at this), i will hook yours up to mine. i haven't dived (dove?) into your blog as thoroughly as i want to yet, but it's an inspiration! thanks so much.

    tales fromt he stirrups - lol!

    (oh, and i *heart* the c word)

  4. YEY! Congratulations, that is wonderful news! Glad to hear mom, dad and babies are all doing well.