Thursday, June 23, 2005

There he was just a walking down the street

Just about every Wednesday night, Marc and I go to the comic book store to pick up the week's new comics. Usually, Marc will go in and I will wait in the car because, well, boys and girls that read comic books sometimes have an aversion to showers and it stinks in there. Anyway, Marc is in the shop and I had driven around the block looking for parking when, to my amazement, I see "The Legendary Wid" crossing the street. ~looking around the blog at all of the blank stares~ You've never heard of The Legendary Wid???? You need to google this lovely, hysterical comedian and, if he's performing in your area, you need to go see him. He's uses a lot of props in his act and he's, well, he's fucking hysterical! Anyway, the Wid and I go waaaaayyyyyyyyy back. I honked my horn and waved but I really didn't think he'd remember me. He came over and that brilliant mind is still as sharp as ever! He said "we used to work together". Yep, the old Comedy Works. I ran a karaoke show in the restaurant in the club called "The Fun House". He would always hang out with us before and after his show and sing (he has a great voice). After I left that gig I saw he was performing in my neighborhood and went to see him. As he rushed out onto the stage he stopped, looked at me, laughed, got on stage and said "I'm confused - we doing karaoke tonight?" No one got it but me but that's ok. I love being in on the joke. We asked about some friends we used to have in common and then he called his manager, Kevin, and put him on the phone w/me. It was nice to catch up. Meanwhile, I keep waiting for Marc to come out of the store and see this crazy man pacing next to the car talking to me (Wid always paces). But the Wid had to dash and Marc didn't get to meet him. Oh well. He still performs in the area so we will have to catch a show one of these days. Oh, speaking of shows. Marc and I have a date on Saturday afternoon. We are seeing Sweeney Todd! I love that show (yes, I am twisted - duh!). On Sunday, Mom, Princess and I are heading to NY with a bunch of other Jewish women (it's a synagogue trip) to see Dirty Rotten Scoundrels on Broadway. A theater weekend. I'm looking forward to it.


  1. Oh I'm jealous! Jealous and bitter! Have a great time at your shows and know that I'm grouching here in Columbus 'cuz I'd love to see both of them!!!

  2. VERY jealous of your theater weekend.

    Oh, and my husband plays Magic: The Gathering. I bet the smell in Pegasus Games is very similar to that in the comic book shop.

  3. My mom just saw Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and LOVED it. Seriously, she won't stop talking about it.

    And how jealous am I that you know comedians. Lately it seems like my friends aren't even the regular amount of my funny

    Have a great trip!

  4. I'm so jealous you get to go to New York. Can you take me too?

  5. Hey! Don't leave me out - I want to go to New York too!