Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Gently closing the door behind me

The home study is complete. Social Worker J is mailing out the notarized Home Study today. That phase of our adoption is complete. We then (I think) send it to INS and then the fingerprinting stuff begins. I'm so excited. Things seem to be moving along in a timely fashion. As I mentioned before, Marc spent 8 hours on Memorial Day putting together a beautiful closet organizer that my mom designed at Organized Living. Now we are ready for Lonnie, the custom drapes guy, to put up the drapes on the closet and also the blinds on the window. Mom was very excited because she was watching a design show and saw her idea on the show. I can't wait to see the final product. Then, we just have to pick out the baby's furniture. Traditionally, Jews do not buy baby furniture, clothes, etc. until after the baby has been born. It's more superstition than anything else but I just don't want to do anything else until we get the referral. After that, the baby has been born so we can buy stuff! Had a rough day today. Club owner was a complete dickwad and yelled at me because I couldn't find a file. Told me that I was unprofessional and that I must get paid $6 an hour to sit on the phone. I told him that I could buy and sell his redneck ass and that I don't have the time to entertain his temper tantrums, he can call my boss. hehehehe - my boss will kick his ass :) It's nice working for a company that when someone says "I want your superior" you know that the person you are sending him/her to will back you up 100% (if you are right - which I always am). It's also nice to be able to call someone a cocksucking dickwad redneck to your boss and have your boss laugh. I love my job!


  1. Anonymous6:18 PM

    Congrats on the home study completion. What's ETA re: having son in your arms?

  2. Hooray for the homestudy being done. One more check on the to-do list.

    I wish I had your guts. I am such a wimp and could never tell someone off. I'm jealous.


  3. Anonymous11:05 AM

    YAY! How wonderful...

  4. YAY for the homestudy being done.

    I like gutsy gals, as I myself am one.

    Did you ever figure out who was viewing your blog from the courts?

  5. ETA = estimated time of arrival

    Wow, things really are moving right along! That is so wonderful, and it's great that you have the home study behind you.

    I hate it when people in the world get abusive. It's so unnecessary. Take care!

  6. Leggy, I'm such a silly--I see now that you were asking a question and not asking for a definition of your own term!