Friday, August 12, 2005

Just say no

I pulled my response to that tiny little troll. Didn't like the fact that I was giving it the dignity of a response. I've also pulled the comment. Speaking of comments - I only allow the "fat card" to get thrown at me on the GDT - so I deleted that comment as well. (yeah, someone called me fat). Sorry children, I'm trying to learn not to allow negative behavior to effect me. I want Dylan brought up in a positive, healthy environment. I need to learn how to just let insignificant people's comments and actions to roll off my back. Onto happier things.... I fucking popped a wheelie in spin class this morning. I'm not shitting you. We were doing "jumps" and I had positioned my seat too far back so had to push myself back a little farther than usual. In doing so the front end of the bike came up off the ground. Ok, normally this wouldn't be a big deal but my feet are locked (and I mean locked) into the peddles so if I flip the bike - it could be ugly. Spin buddy Brian explained that this is why he chooses bikes by the back wall. I'll be sitting by Brian from now on! I'm praying that we get an update today althought I doubt it highly. Our contact at the agency is off on Friday's. My Mom mentioned that I sounded sad that I haven't gotten my update. I am. I want to know that he's happy and healthy and I want to see how much he's grown. One month is a long time when you are talking about infants. I know that once I get everything I will feel much better. If I don't post again, to my dear blogging friends, have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I can't think of a better use of the delete key.
    Hilarious that you popped a wheelie in spin class. I would have freaked out.
    Now lets hope for more news on the Dylan front right away.

  2. I'm proud of you! Good job letting go of this person's negativity. I didn't see the fat comment --- what? Are these people crazy? you said....happier things!!! Good job in spinning class - I think bikes by the wall sound safer.

  3. Someone called you fat? WTF? Let me at 'em. I bet whoever it was doesn't spin her ass off the way you do every morning. OK, zen...zen...

    Anyway, so glad that all the paperwork is there in one place and that Dylan is that much closer to coming home to mom and dad.

  4. I am sorry that you haven't gotten an update yet. I am sure that waiting is just driving you up a wall!

    Your story about the wheelie in spin class is too funny! I am glad that you didn't end up ass over end with your feet strapped into the bike! OUCH!

    Oh - and to whomever called my friend fat... FY!

  5. Actually - your exact words were "You have to do a lot more work outs if your photo is anything to go by but keep it up, I used to be fat, so it does work". That is what we call a "fat card".

    Now be a good troll and shoo.

  6. You do have a point little troll. However, neither my husband (in my picture) or I are fat. We are both adorable and slightly overweight :)

    Ok, I've spent enough energy entertaining your musings.

    If you want to continue posting on my blog - I request that you have the common courtesy to identify yourself instead of posting anonymously. It's only fair.

    I wish you well.

  7. Shit I missed out something here.
    Except I did read the above comments and think that those comments (the guy is fatter) WTF????? How fucking rude.
    Gosh Julie, I'm sorry about the idiot troll. I think you look fantastic!!!

  8. I bet you could totally out-spin the troll!

    I hope you get an update soon.

  9. I think you look fantastic too! Besides, like I've said before, I'm totally impressed that you get up and work out everyday.

    I am definitely hoping you get an update soon. I'm dying to hear about little Dylan.


  10. Stupid trolls.
    By the way, I think you're gorgeous!!!

  11. doooood, my mother used to use this line n me when i would say evil things to her as a child, and I swear to G and all that's holy, it'll shut a mutha effer up faster than you can say, "I've been called worse by better, but thanks anyway."

  12. In keeping with the positive energy with which you want this blog to continue, I will ignore the fat card banter and just say I'm hoping you get your update first thing Monday and congrats on not falling on your ass with a bike on top of you at spin class! Also, thank you, I know have another excuse for why I won't go to the gym, the place sounds dangerous. :)