Monday, August 15, 2005

Crash! Boom! Flash!

It was incredible! Around 12:30 a.m. Marc and I awoke to the most amazing storm. I asked him what all the noise was (as I was half asleep) and he said he thinks there is a storm. We opened the blinds on the window over our bed and just laid in bed and watched the show. Thunder and lightening and wind... Oh My! It was great. The funny part about all of this is the tree. We have this beautiful, huge tree that sits on another property but overhangs ours. It's a great old tree and I do love it but worry that it will fall onto the house. It sits on a little bit of a hill and just doesn't seem stable (although the property owner assured me that they had an engineer look at it last year and it was stable. Well, I've told Marc that I worry that the tree will fall over onto the house. If that were to happen, it would hit our bedroom - no doubt! He would laugh at me and tell me that I'm crazy. Well... last night - he was getting a bit concerned watching those branches whip around in the storm. Well, it's nice to know that I'm not the only crazy one in our house! We had a great weekend. We took a parenting class at our local hospital with Kim & Dan. Kim and Dan are in the process of adopting a little girl from Guatemala. Kim made arrangements at the hospital that offers the class for it to be just the four of us as we didn't need the same type of information as someone who was bringing home a newborn. They were extremely accommodating and the woman who gave the class was just lovely! We learned about feeding, diapering, car seats, stroller, etc. I really enjoyed it. Last night I went out with Princess for her birthday. Just the two of us for some serious sister time. It was wonderful. She's such an amazing woman and I'm just so proud of who she is. She's strong and independent and beautiful. We went out to a fun, chi chi Mexican restaurant and had yummy food and even yummier margarita's. Topped that off with some gelato and we were very full, happy campers.


  1. It was a pleasure taking the parenting class with you and Marc. We really enjoyed it as well.

  2. Hey Jules!

    I heard it too, I was sound asleep after my hectic weekend, and I actually thought it was a dream! After I realized it was not, I kept thinking..."please stop before I have to commute into CC!"

    You and your sister have such an amazing relationship. The mutual respect is a beautiful thing! I need to work on my lil sis... :)

  3. Oh Oh..I LOVE storms!
    I am glad that the class went well and you had a good time with good food and drink! :)