Thursday, August 11, 2005

Fuck Me Gently With A Chainsaw*

We were supposed to get updates on medicals & photos on Dylan by Tuesday. It's now Thursday and not only do we not have photos and a medical report but my agency called to say that the attorney lost our 797H form! I have to run home, get the copy, hope that it's perfectly clean (meaning that you can read everything clearly) and overnight it to Guatemala (at the Agency's cost of course). On the happy end of things (I try not to bitch unless I can end it with a happy note), our Dossier is translated. *Great line from the movie Heathers


  1. Oh that sucks! (The part about the paperwork missing) That sucks giant, turtle tits. It also sucks long, purple sheep boobs and crusty, stale, platypus mammary glands. See, I'm all about the boob right now.

    I pulled your Australian Outback Tarot cards and got the following, all good cards!

    Past - Ace of Water, Dolphin (Love Affair, essense, Chi, Relationships)

    Present - Ten of earth, Dragonfly (Fulfilment, success, See The Truth, Dawn)

    Future - Four of Earth, Potoroo (I don't know what a Potoroo is, looks like a mole). (Relax, Newness, Job well done & enjoy).

    So your AOT cards look good!

  2. Anonymous12:34 PM

    Jules, I am so happy with your title. I always say "Fuck Me Gently With a Chainsaw" and nobody knows what the hell I'm talking about!!! We miss you and hope to get down to Philly soon! Maybe in September?!?!?! Love,Andy

  3. A Potoroo is a small marsupial, that looks like a cross between a kangaroo and a rat. Very very cute. Symbolic of soon having a joey in your pouch, perhaps???

  4. one of my favorite movie lines of all time. and probably why i like you so much.