Tuesday, August 23, 2005

It's Right Around The Corner

I can feel it. My favorite time of year. I love the fall. The leaves turn incredible colors, the weather gets a bit cooler, the air smells sweeter... I just love it! And it also means that Halloween is right around the corner too! It's my favorite holiday. Last year was the first year that I handed out candy to treat-or-treaters in my own home. Before Marc and I were married, I lived in an apartment complex that really didn't have any children and before that I lived with my parents and they were in charge of trick or treaters. Last year, we made an uber cool pumpkin using stencils we purchased over the internet and sat on the front step (it was beautiful outside) to hand out candy to the neighborhood children. They were so cute and the parents were so nice. Next year we will be walking around the neighborhood with Dylan in his first Halloween costume. I can't wait! We are still waiting on the medical report. I am sure if there was a problem, we would know but I won't be comfortable until we have it in our hands.


  1. I love Halloween, too. But I usually end up eating most of the candy I buy for the kids!!

  2. I love Halloween too! My kids are "too big" but we have always made a fun "family" activity out of it.

    I even get the dog a costume, he is usually a clown, but last year he was a devil!

    Living in HOT South Georgia, I usually give out frozen Jolly Pops, the kind in the plastic sleeve. Always a big hit and have many return Trick or Treaters!

    I am thinking this year about having little squeeze it's on ice for them, something cold!

    Good luck on your medical reports! Dylan will look soooo cute in his little costume! I know you can't wait!

  3. I just love the fall time too! Is was beautiful out this morning. I can't wait until the leaves start to change and the air becomes crisp!

    Hopefully Dylan's medical shows up soon. I'm positive everything is fine, but it will certainly be a sigh of relief!

  4. Waiting is the hardest thing about adoption for me.

    Feeling for you.

    Tempted this year to put our wire haired dachshund in a costume. The obvious of course, some buns around her torso.
    Sick what the waiting mind comes up with.

    I used to love Fall the most when I lived in east central Canada. There are lots of maples and oaks the season is long and cool.
    Where I live now, Western Canada, it isn't like that.
    The first Autumn I was here, all the tree's leaves turned a sickly greeny yellow and fell off!!! I thought they were all suffering from a terrible plague of some sort. Then they did it again the next year.
    Oh well. It's still pretty nice.

  5. I was going to write a post too about loving fall. Its my favorite season as well. I was just telling Gabe this morning that it would be his first fall and how wonderful it would be. He furrowed his eyebrows at me and blew spit bubbles. I guess he's not convinced.

  6. Fall and Halloween are both my favorites too!! I wish it could be like that all year long....

    Hope that medical report shows up soon!

  7. I hope the report comes soon - I know how relieved you'll be to get it.

    Halloween is always fun, I've never really had trick or treaters, we've always lived in "older" neighborhoods. Maybe another year.

  8. I'm right there with you, fall is my FAVORITE season. I love how everything changes and there is nothing that beats the smell of the air on a crisp fall morning.

    It is so exciting to think that this time next year, you will get to experience your first fall with Dylan.

  9. I hope you hear something soon...I know the wait is so hard.. Halloween rocks!!!

  10. I am sooooo ready for fall that I can't stand it! My boots and jeans are calling to me.

    Waiting with you on Dylan's med report!

  11. I hope the medical report shows up soon! I am with you; fall is BY FAR my favorite season. I love the way the air smells and the sounds of the leaves rustling on the trees. Fall is the thing I missed most when I lived in the desert! PS - Halloween Rocks, especially because it is my b-day :o)