Friday, August 12, 2005

I Love You Guys!

Now go home - it's the weekend. Have fun! Wish me luck in my parenting class - hopefully won't drop the doll on it's widdle head.


  1. I wanna look like you. Your the best of the billy goats gruff.
    and you can drop the baby doll on its head a lot...just not the real baby.
    Need any more help with scientific stuff like this just let me know.

  2. I have the e-mail address of the person (her name is Susan) I told you about with BF.

    Or go to the boards at and she's the moderator on the BF boards.

    If you want her direct e-mail address, e-mail me at

  3. I think its fun to drop them on their whittle heads and yell, "Wow, this one doesn't scream like our neice does"! See how many people turn around and give you a dirty look. LOL :)