Friday, October 07, 2005

Blog Drama

It never ceases to amaze me how some people get so caught up in drama. There is some drama that you have to get caught up in. I can understand when it involves your family, your close friends (even some not so close - real life acquaintances even fall into this category), your job, your home, etc. but when we are talking cyberspace.... that's a whole different ballpark. Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not referring to spirited discussions that take place on various blogs over whether or not breastfeeding should be allowed in public or whether to allow a child to cry it out. These are conversations. People voicing their opinion in hopes that maybe, just maybe they will sway someone over to their side of the fence. No, I'm talking about he said she said bullshit and people leaving nasty comments on each others blogs over stupid bullshit. Oh, and this isn't just on blogs... I see it on boards too (hi WW peeps!). I'm not saying I'm high and mighty and I don't get worked up when some ignorant asshole calls me fat and ugly (oh wait, I deleted that post didn't I?) but I get over it quickly enough. Readers.... do you get worked up too? Do you get so upset over internet postings that you leave nasty comments (whether anonymously or straight to their face) in an attempt to do nothing more than hurt people? Do you sit in front of your computer just seething? Do you lay in bed at night wondering what you can do to scare/hurt/injure, etc. the people who have offended you??? If you do... I have a secret for you - the people that you are upset with couldn't give a shit about you and have probably already forgotten about you. They have a real life with real friends and real family. So, as my WW peeps would say, pull up your big girl panties and move on with your lives. By the way, this is in response to about a dozen or so blogs I have seen recently with some pretty vicious shit in the comments (all not related to each other) as well as some pretty funny shit I've seen on my WW boards.


  1. I totally agree with ou! I just don't get some people. If I don't have something positive to contribute to someone else's blog, I just don't say anything. (shakes head)

  2. I used to get all hepped up when I was about 23 years old. I mean breaking-into-hives hepped.

    Then I got a life and grew out of it and now I understand that many, many people in the world will not like what I have to say, or will just plain not like me.

    Kay Sarah. ;-)

  3. I try to stay out of pointless drama. Real life is dramatic enough for me. I haven't really gotten any nasty comments on my blog so far. But it would probably upset me, I'd vent about it, and be done with it. Life is too important to waste on stupid shit.

  4. I am one for staying out of all the drama on blogs, boards and even in real life. Makes life so much more enjoyable if you can just sit back and laugh while everyone is getting red in the face and upset.

    I know, I'm evil :-)

    Our Journey to Baby Shanahan

    Cool, your word verification is dilhyn

  5. I can usually stay out of it.
    Once, shortly after Katrina, one of the bloggers I read said some things I thought were horrible.
    I commented, very politely, about why I thought what she posted was upsetting. It was okay. She was okay etc. She kept posting that way and I realized that I just needed to move on. So I did.
    It sounds maybe a little weird, but I don't really buy into the "it's my blog and I can say anything I want" but at the same time I kind of do.
    Not too helpful.

  6. I just don't have time or energy to spend on other people's drama.
    Someone I know on IVFC was all about drama so we all just left and started our own Yahoo group - now it is only happy support!

    And as for people who post mean crap just to hurt someone - they will get theirs......some day....some way.

  7. Oh, I so agree! Your friend should read this, because you are so right!

  8. It truely is sad that people have nothing better to do. The ones that bug me is not the comments but blog enteries that pinpoint individuals out & slander the person. Take up your issues personally why do it on a public blog for the world to judge if you don't want these opinions posted in response.