Monday, May 09, 2005


We had our home study on Saturday. Is it wrong that I adore the social worker who is doing our home study? She is so kind and so funny. I really get the feeling of "I want to give you a baby as much as to you want one... I just have to make sure that you are not psycho killers first". We had to agree not to use corporal punishment. No problemo! Marc was kidding around with her and asked her if duct tape was ok. She laughed. I told Marc that duct tape is out these days, masking tape is the way to go. Again, she laughed. She liked the house and approved of our plans for the nursery. Agreed that my Mom's idea to do a closet organizer and curtains over the closet instead of doors works well in the room. She said that it takes about a week or so to write up the report. She has to run it by a few people and then she will send it up to INS for our I600-A. Oh, and the best news.... we don't' have to write the autobiography. She has enough information about the two of us that she doesn't feel it's necessary and most people don't do them anyway. Went today for my physical. You meet the greatest people in the craziest of places. I couldn't stand my old primary doctor. Half the time you saw her nurse practitioner and that was after waiting 2 hours or more. I got a recommendation from my gynecologist. My new doctor is Puerto Rican and her husband..... IS GUATEMALAN! How fucking cool is that? She was very excited for us and gave me some interesting recommendations that I don't think I would have gotten from anyone else. She suggested that we get immunization against hepatitis A because it's very prevalent in Guatemala. Also did a TB test on me so that in case anything does happen when we are down there, we will know for sure that I was negative before the trip. Marc is making his appointment for a physical today. Moving right along :)


  1. Anonymous1:10 PM

    That is so exciting!

    It won't be long now.


  2. That's Awesome!!! Hmmm...and I was just thinking of starting my autobiography.

  3. I'm so glad the home study went well! That's really cool about the doc too...

  4. Anonymous10:39 AM

    That is so cool that your doctor is Guatemalan! A neat coincidence, huh? I think it means that it was meant to be!

    Congratulations on your home study! That is a big step to have completed. Even better that you like your social worker. Heh - making tape is definitely the way to go! Thank goodness that they have senses of humor. When we had ours, the social worker asked K what he thought my weaknesses were, which he enjoyed answering a little too much, and then when she asked him for my strengths, he went completely blank and sat there with his mouth open. Thanks, honey! I have strenghts damnit!
    Anyways, congratulations! I am thrilled for you! I am POSITIVE that our little Guatemalan princess in the smartest, most beautiful baby around, but I'm sure your BABY (baby!) will be close! (Kidding!) Mwah!

  5. Anonymous6:30 PM

    Sounds like everything is going really smoothly :) I'm very happy for you!


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  7. Thank you so much for documenting all of this! We are right behind you on this journey and are also strongly considering Guatemalan adoption. So I am learning so much from you!
    Thanks and congratulations- you are definitely due for some breaks!