Monday, May 16, 2005

Wholly Smokes! What was I thinking!

Over the weekend I did a fitness assessment. The trainer who did my assessment said that my strength is in the "excellent" range but my cardio was the pits. So what do I do?? I took a spin class this morning. OH MY POOR COOTER! Now I know why I didn't take any spin classes while going through fertility treatments. That would definitely have sent me right over the edge. For anyone who doesn't know what spinning is, it's an intense cardio workout on a stationary bike in a dark room with thumping music blasting and black lights. I have decided to do 2 classes a week. 2 classes a week should definitely get my cardio range up. Now, what I don't understand is, most people with a poor/fair cardio range should not be able to keep up in that class. I kept up quite well. The only reason I had to slow down at the end was not because I was out of breath or too tired, it's because my cooter was screaming at me to stop. So, to the trainer who told me that my cardio sucked - fuck you (said nicely since he's generally a good guy). ----------------------------------------- We worked on the baby's room this weekend. Marc took out the shelf and the pole in the closet and ripped the stuff off the wall. I spackled and painted the woodwork. Some point between now and next weekend we will sand down the spackled areas, paint the closet and build the organizer (ok, Marc will build the organizer). ----------------------------------------- Congrats to Cecily on getting her dream home. May it be filled with love and laugher.


  1. Spinning hurts my ASS! The instructor said that folks get used to it, but I never did. And, I agree, if you can spin, you don't have any problems with Cardio.

    Congratulations on the baby nursery.

  2. Yeah. Spinning? Not so much. Glad you like it, though. Low impact is good for ze knees and feet. Congratulations on starting the baby's room!

  3. No spinning for me. I thought about going down and joining the gym today. But I think I'll stay in bed instead :)

    YAY for the baby room!

  4. I don't need anyone to tell me my cardio sucks right does. Yours however sounds great, contrary to the assessment man. :) G-d I need to get to the gym!!!!

    It's so exciting that you started on the nursery!! Do tell....what colors? Going with a theme? I'll admit, I was looking at nursery furniture and bedding on-line this weekend. Duh - maybe I should pick an agency and start filling out some paperwork first.

  5. I wandered in from Cecily's -- so sorry to hear about your cooter. I send good wishes that she bucks up soon!

    So from where are you adopting? I'm trying to catch back up on adoption blogs but they're springing up like crazed mushrooms!!