Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Stalker

Why are you following me? You look over and smile and I think to myself "what the fuck is a pregnant woman doing in a smokey bar". As you walk by me you say to yourself (outloud) "guess I'm the only pregnant woman in here". What? Mocking me are you? You want to take this outside? You walk away and I am saved from beating a pregnant woman in the middle of a bar. I sit at the bar, chatting with my darling husband and the super cool radio DJ's that allowed us to come to this shindig and decide it's time to go to the ladies room. I wander around until I'm told that it's upstairs. I go up the flight of stairs, into the ladies room and take care of business. I walk out and there's my stalker walking into the ladies' room. I immediate begin to wash my hands and avoid any eye contact and she says to me "scary up here isn't it?" I grab a few paper towels, smile and walk out of the ladies room. You have no idea how scary it is sister, no idea. We watch Lost in a smoky bar for 2 hours . I don't know why I cried when the baby was taken by the French woman. It really bothered me. We head home, the stalker left far behind. In the mail we had gotten a note. On the front of the card is a picture of a beautiful baby smiling from ear to ear. Inside was a heart wrenching note from the parents who had lost their 8 month old daughter a few months back (see and I cried and then I put the photograph on our mantel. I got my period about 5 days early and I'm an emotional wreck. I really just feel like laying in bed and sleeping but I can't. I'm at work.


  1. You are so damn cute!! love your it love it love it :)

  2. They do follow you everywhere, don't they? And its always when you are in a bad spot (when AF comes, a miscarriage anniversary, a due date anniversary, etc.) I know it sucks- I'm sorry.

  3. People in this world are so weird, aren't they?

    I'm sorry you are feeling low. I always hated it when work encroached on my life, forcing me to act in ways that were totally unnatural (as in, it's natural to want to hide under the covers, and unnatural to have to go into that meeting and discuss a report that has absolutely no meaning).

    The hormones probably sneaked up on you. I always try to watch the calendar so I can be ready for them when they try to ambush me. Hang in there.