Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Breast Cancer Walk

My mother, sister and I are doing the 5k on Mother's Day to raise money for Breast Cancer. If you'd like to donate, our team page is


  1. Julie, I was directed to your site today by a 'sista' who saw that you and I had so much in common. I havent been able to read your entire blog yet, but I still cant believe how much we have in common. From high FSH to our dads having heart caths done with the same diagnosis all the way to the Race for the Cure. We must live in the same city b/c only one city does it on Mothers Day. If you ahve time, check out my blog and maybe send me an email..

  2. Just wanted to cheer you on! I may be doing a Race for the Cure in Detroit this year. My company sponsors a team.