Monday, April 25, 2005


Ok, that was just a little hill but scary nonetheless. We finally got our shit together and are mailing out our I600-A form (pre-approval of immigration) which comes with more fingerprinting and the Agency Agreement (whopper of a check too!). I woke up around 1:30 this morning in a panic. What if I forgot to feed the baby? How do I know when he's hungry? I'm getting a little nutty, I know this. But it really had me in a bit of a state this morning. Marc is sick. This is not normal. He never gets sick. Coughing, sneezing generally feeling shitty (with a 101 fever to boot!). He was feeling a little better today but I just hate seeing him like this. We spent the weekend doing Passover Seders. Fun huh? The first night was at my brother's house which I promptly stole Eli from his Grandfather and cuddled with him while he slept. I was in heaven. He laid across my lap for a good part of the Seder just sleeping away. Mom got a little too drunk and Princess took away the wine from her which was an absolute riot. The other two kids were a hoot. Running around being kids. I loved it. They have so much life and energy. It's amazing, the big one (4) takes such good care of his little sister (2). Making sure she keeps up with him and his little friends (my brother's business partner also has two that are 5 & 6), that no one (but him) picks on her. She has the most amazing curls I've ever seen. I could just eat the both up! I have to say, their mother is amazing. I just hope I can be as good a mom to my kid(s) as she is to hers. Not that my brother isn't a good dad.. he is an amazing dad but there is just something about the way she is with them that just awes me. The second night we went to (see if you can follow this) my mother-in-law's, gentlemen friend's (she's too old to have a boyfriend) son & daughter-in-law. They live out in bumblefuck USA but they do have a beautiful home with a private lake. It was a beautiful day (with Marc coughing and sneezing our way out there) for a drive so it was no big deal. What sucked was that the Seder was at 2pm (we originally thought it was supposed to be at 4:30) which fucked up the rest of our day. Still, it was a nice time. His son is a complete ass but his daughter-in-law is lovely. They have a beautiful Great Dane. I was joking that the dog was so big that his nephew (who was crawling across the floor and is about a year old) could ride him. He then grabs the baby off the floor and tries to put it on the dogs back. Now the dog (who is more like a pony than a dog) is jumping around trying to get at the baby, he puts the baby back on the floor and the dog almost tramples the poor kid. As I said, he's an ass. Lots of religion for a short weekend. Time to get back to work.


  1. Anonymous10:18 AM

    YAY for mailing off the forms! That is one step closer!!

  2. Whoa, sounds like a crazy weekend. You must be totally drained! You need a weekend from your weekend.

    Congrats on mailing in the forms! That is a big step. Just wait until you get to be fingerprinted. Fun times all around.