Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Understanding stuff

I am currently reading Like Sound Through Water by Karen Foli. It's a story of a mother and her journey to discover her son has an auditory processing disorder. This book has been very difficult to read. It's very well written. But it hits home at every turn. When she speaks of her knowing something isn't right and being told by her husband that their son will be fine and will catch up eventually I felt that knife turn. When she speaks of the pain of reading that first test result where her son's testing is so very low and her agony and confusion. Gd I could have written a lot of this book.

So... it's slow going. I read, I get choked up and put it down. However, I have to get my ass in gear because it's a library book. Actually, I took out three books. All about various disorders that Dylan has been diagnosed with or is suspected of having. My Mom is giving me grief that I need to stop reading but I'm learning. As I learn, his behaviors make more sense. The more they make sense, the less stressed out I get over his actions. She doesn't get that though and that's okay.

Kindergarten is going well. I love his teacher and his therapists. They have been great with communicating with us and Dylan is really enjoying himself. I was a bit concerned with the after care but now I'm a little more relaxed. I've gotten to know the care givers and he's got himself a few girlfriends to play with (yes, they are about 8-10 years old). He's quite the Romeo my boy. His teenage years are going to be very interesting indeed!

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  1. I'm glad that reading and learning about Dylan's issues helps you with the stress. I have the opposite reaction. The more I read about hydrocephalus and other people's stories, the worse and more stressed I felt. Plus, there could be such a wide range of effects that it wasn't really helpful.

    That's so cute about Dylan being a ladies man. Gabe is too.