Monday, October 04, 2010

Like speaks to like

Last night, we had the pleasure of attending a birthday party for one of Dylan's classmates. The family lives about 5 minutes from us and has 4 boys. Dylan's classmate is the youngest of the bunch (oldest 16) and is as sweet as the day is long. There were about 4 other children in attendance which was a nice easy number for all the kid to manage.  

The birthday boy is older than Dylan (Dylan's class is Kindergarten through 2nd Grade).  I asked the other Moms of the older boys "is the teacher as amazing as I think she is?"  I got the same response from all.... "no... she's better".

One boy was there with his grandmother.  When we sang Happy Birthday, it triggered an auditory sensory response and he had his ears covered.  No biggie - we all get it.  I don't think Grandmom realized that and was trying to push his hands down.  I just wanted to walk over and let her know that it's okay - we all get it.

Marc and I did a great job (if I do say so myself) parking the helicopter for the night.  It was hard.  They have a trampoline in the back yard, no net, the metal bars weren't covered well and it was ripping in some parts.  Dylan had a blast jumping off of it.  Oy.

One of the boys has cerebral palsy.  His mother obviously allows him to decide what he can and can't do.  He wanted to go on the trampoline with the boys and she picked him up and put him up there.  The boys did lower their level of insanity a touch but they rough housed with him and he loved it.  At one point, the birthday boy stood up and the little guy clothlined him and knocked him right on his butt.  The parents were hysterical!  We laughed a lot last night.  It was so nice.

Tomorrow is back to school night.  We get to meet with his teacher and, hopefully, his speech and OT therapists.

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