Thursday, October 21, 2010

!#$@#@! Insurance

Our new insurance policy begins next month.   Unfortunately, Dylan's therapies are still not covered.  But some of our copays have gone down (yay), well visits are now copay free (yay) but my cost of insurance is up by almost $90 and... my beloved gastocrom is going from $40 for a 2 week supply to $70 ~thud~. I'm going from spending $1,040 for Gastocrom a year (approx) to $1,820 a year.

Where the hell is my health insurance reform. Dylan and my medical bills are absolutely crippling us financially.

I tried to go without gastocrom. I weaned myself off of it and have gone a few weeks without taking it. I've been flushing daily even though I'm taking my aspirin (I flush due to an extremely high progestaglandarin D2 level). My brain fog is terrible. I can't keep a straight thought in my head. I hate to say this but I really need this medicine but it's so fargin expensive it drives me batty.

Of course, the only population (that I'm aware of) that uses this medicine in this form is the Mastocytosis sufferers. Guess they know they have a captured audience so they can change whatever the hell they want. However, I shouldn't bitch too much, I do have insurance and it does cover the med. For that I am grateful.


  1. Oh man, I definitely hear you with this. I think in the last two years we've paid about 15,000 in out of pocket medical bills and that doesn't even include our monthly premiums. Its drained our savings. Our deductibles/copays limits doubled from last year to this year and its just killing us since we've hit the limit both years.

  2. You know... you may qualify for social security benefits for her - you should look into it.