Thursday, October 07, 2010


Last Monday - at Dylan's after school care - the woman went on and on about how adorable and sweet he is.

Last Friday - at Dylan's after school care - the woman told me that Dylan slapped another boy. We talked to him about it.

We reminded him over the weekend that hands are not for hitting, we don't hit our friends, etc. This past Monday - nothing. This past Tuesday - at Dylan's after school care - the woman told me that he is hitting the kids, interfering with their games and that this may not be the right program for him. I tried to explain his needs but she didn't want to hear it. She made it very clear to me that in order for her and her staff to properly care for Dylan and his classmates, they would actually have to do something besides sit on the bench and hope the kids don't kill each other and she wasn't willing to do that. We asked him why he was hitting the kids and he said in sad little voice "Mommy, they won't play with me". ~insert knife in Mommy's heart~


Yesterday, called Dylan's old day care to see if they had openings. CHECK!

Yesterday, called the district's transportation department and arranged for a bus to pick him up in the a.m. from the house. CHECK!

Yesterday, called Dylan's old day care to verify they got the information and make sure they were ready to roll. CHECK!

Yesterday, called the after school people and told them Dylan won't be back and why. They thanked me for being professional in my delivery of the news (I guess they get a lot of screaming parents). CHECK!

Called Marc and let him know that Dylan starts back to old day care... Thursday. Yep - got it done in one day! ~doing the happy Mommy dance~

So... instead of Dylan being stuck in a big all purpose room (nightmare for kids with auditory processing and sensory disorders), he'll be in a wonderful place where he can go swimming, play basketball and gaga (Israeli dodge ball), continue to learn about Judaism, and be in an inclusive environment. YAY

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  1. Glad you got the daycare situation worked out and so fast too! Seems like the new-old solution is a better fit. I love it when things fall into place like that.