Monday, February 27, 2006

Instant Karma

Just add good deed and Presto! Last night Marc, Dylan and I went grocery shopping. Pre-Dylan, we'd maybe fill our cart up. Now, post-Dylan our cart was literally overflowing (including using the rack on the bottom). We get into line and there is an elderly gentleman in front of us. His face is just torn up. I overheard him telling the cashier that he had fallen on Friday. They say goodbye and it's our turn. I push the cart up and noticed that the gentleman had left his wallet. I throw it to Marc and he runs into the parking lot. Realizing he had no idea who this man was, he wasn't about to start yelling "sir sir" so he checked the wallet - found the driver's license and yelled the man's name. The man luckily hadn't left and was very grateful to have his wallet back. Marc comes back in and helps me bag up our $200 grocery order. Now... Marc went through all of the coupons and, I am proud to say, almost everything we bought had a coupon or was on sale (or both!). The cashier has about 5 more coupons to register and hits a wrong button. The assistant manager comes over and tells her that she has to recheck the entire order. I whisper to Marc that I'm not sticking around while they unpack everything and re-ring it. Then, the manager comes over. She apologizes and tells us "today's your lucky day!" She tells the cashier to ring in $150 and that's it. We saved $50! Instant Karma :)


  1. Anonymous9:13 AM


    I am a sucker for any bargains that can be had.


  2. they are onto something on My Name is Earl after all.

    I'm glad karma thought to smile on you today.

  3. Anonymous4:22 PM

    I've always believed in Karma. Which is a double edge sword in a way. I always assumed we couldn't get pregnant because I was such a rotten teenager to my poor parents.

  4. What a lovely story! I hope the guy is doing better after falling.