Friday, February 10, 2006

Important Website Alert

Much love and thanks to my friend Lisa who sent this to me... Go to this link and enter your street will show a "house" in the middle of the map, that's your house... all the little colored boxes are registered Sex Offenders... click on them and you get a name, address & picture of the person along with his crime... it shows you where they live in proximity to your home and the local schools. Very important site to keep you and your children safe. Just go to Share this with your friends and family - be safe.


  1. wow, that is a wonderful site! i knew that there were sites like that available, but i have never seen one in action. thanks so much for sharing that!

  2. It seems that I live in an unmappable state.

  3. If your state has a statute requiring registry you can usually get the same info. by checking your state's website. Our state only has level 3 - worst ones most likely to re-offend info. avaiable to the public. They share level 2/moderate risk info with schools, day care- and youth agencies in the area.