Thursday, February 09, 2006

Baby Lovin'

When I dropped Dylan off at day care this morning one of his teachers mentioned that he threw up yesterday. Just once (they only notify after 3x) and she said she'd keep a close watch on him today. He was acting normally so I'm not concerned. I guess that's been in the back of my head all morning because when I went down to get my lunch from the place in the lobby I ended up running down to the day care to get me a little baby loving! He was just waking up from his nap and he looked so happy to see me. I just snuggled and kissed him for about 10 minutes and then gave him over to his teacher for a diaper change and his lunch. If you can find day care close to your place of business... do it! It's wonderful to be able to just pop in whenever you want.


  1. I am very jealous of your situation. It must be great for both of you!

  2. I have NEVER understood parents who put their kids in day care close to home and not work. Yes, the child has to be in the car (or on the bus) twice a day, but so what? If soemthing goes wrong, you want to be RIGHT THERE. When you just need one more hug or one more kiss for the day, run on over at lunch. You can never have your child too close to you.

  3. PM - the reason we chose close to work was because I had friends who lived in Brooklyn and worked in Manhatten. They said the worse thing on 9/11 for them was trying to get home to their children. I swore I'd never have a bridge between my child and myself (which there would be).

    Also, w/Dylan and the seizures... because we don't know if and when they will happen again, I definately want to be close by.

  4. Anonymous11:19 AM

    You've got a great situation worked out for you. I have debated having Savanna close to me at work but the drive there is long (CA traffic) and there are accidents on the fwy several times a week. I don't want to subject her to that risk and I don't want to move to the same city as my job because it really isn't in a great area, not great schools etc. My mom could pick her up if there was an emergency. It is more than cool that Dylan is so close by-- it really is the most ideal situation.

  5. Anonymous2:55 AM

    Aha! Julie, I do agree! My daughter, now 20 months old and adopted from Guatemala as well, she is in day care right across the parking lot from my office building. It works out great! She knows the routine now when we get in the car, and it's just a little bit more time in the morning and right after work, that I get to have her with me. We sing silly songs in the car, and I chatter back and forth with her, seeing what new words she has learned that day. Yesterday it was "HAT!!" and sooo cute! I cracked up!

    The one REALLY cool thing about being this close to the day care, is the reception and respect you get from the teachers and staff there. In our case, they know me to be the proactive Mommy, the one who will bring cookies to the Valentine party, and the one who will come eat ice cream with my baby girl and her class. They also can call me and I can get there in 2 minutes or less. This was a lifesaver when the baby's temp spiked up to 105 that one day and I ran right over there, armed with Motrin and syringe...and picked her up.

    It's a win win situation, if we MUST still sucks to work, but I'm sure that my daughter is well cared for and that's a load off my mind. OH and as an aside, I'm fairly sure the day care staff are kept on notice that I am VERY CLOSE and I could *and do* drop in at any moment. That makes them stay on their toes!

    Proud Mommy to Addison Grace,
    home forever 2/6/05