Monday, March 28, 2005

Starting down the hill...

Well, we started the paperwork this weekend and are submitting our application to the adoption agency and also to the home study agency (both in one shot - not to shabby). We have ordered our birth certificates, our marriage certificate (because we have ripped the house apart and couldn't find either). We have scheduled our appointments to be fingerprinted. We have to get our physicals done and we have to start working on our autobiographies. I think if we do a paragraph or two every night (or every other night) we should have it ready by the time it's "due". G-d, I feel like I'm back in high school again. So much homework. So worried what the "teacher" will do if we don't do it correctly. Poor Marc. We had to list all of our addresses for the past 25 years for the child abuse background check. For me, it wasn't too bad, just 5 in 25 years. Marc had substantially more and can't remember a big chunk of them (from his college years). Luckily, his brother has some info so between the two of them, I do expect that the applications will being going out in today's mail. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just a little sidenote here... Dr. Georgeanna Seegar Jones, who helped develop the program that led to America's first "test-tube baby," has died. She was 92. On behalf of infertiles everywhere, thank you for your groundbreaking work. Without you and the program, none of us would even have a hope.


  1. Wow, way to go. All of the sudden I feel so behind. Hehe. I have so many questions but instead of hogging your blog I think I'll just email you.

  2. Good luck on all the feels good to get each step done!!!