Sunday, March 13, 2005

Ladies and Gentlemen.... It's a

Decision! That's right, we have finally made a decision. We had talked with our doctor, at length, about our options with egg donation and embryo donation. Last Thursday we went to an information meeting at Jewish Family & Children Services about adoption to understand that option. We weighed our options and have decided to be the very proud parents of an adopted child! I am just so excited that we are, again, back on track to reach our ultimate goal... to be parents. We have told our families and they are being very supportive of our decision which mean the world to us. We decided that we wanted to do international and felt that Guatemala offers us a wonderful opportunity. The children there go straight into foster care which is wonderful because they get one on one care. We would also be able to adopt a child under six months old (which you can't get in many countries). Also, the time you have to stay in the country is very short, only 3-5 days. Tomorrow I will to make arrangements to begin the process. WE have to go through a home study, get referrals from friends, employers, neighbors, relatives, etc. New exciting challenges! So, I guess this concludes my infertility blog and begins my adoption blog. Wish us luck!


  1. Anonymous3:27 PM

    Congratulations and good luck to you both!


  2. Congratulations!!! I saw a Discovery Channel program on Guatelmalan adoptions and they look fantastic. I'm so, so, happy for you and excited to follow this new journey of yours!!

  3. Wow, congrats!

    My former bosses adopted an infant from either Guatemala or Columbia, and while it was a long process, it was totally worth it in the end. In fact, the worst part of it was flying back and being held up at Customs in Florida!

  4. Anonymous11:04 AM

    I'm so happy for you!
    That will be an awesome, happy ending to your story. Please keep blogging to let us know how things are going.
    Adoption may be on our horizon also in the future.
    MzB (from WW)

  5. Awesome, awesome, awesome. Congratulations on your decision ! You will be *wonderful* parents to a deserving little child. He/she/they will be lucky to have you as Mom and Dad.

    Sometimes the journey to our goals seems unbearable - the pain, the disappointment, the worry, the uncertainty can often become overwhelming. You've survived this far; your strength, your love, and the support of the people around you have carried you through. Remember that when things get tough, and don't ever forget to keep your chin up and keep your eyes on your goal.

    You will get there. I believe it, and I know you do too. Keep us updated !!


  6. Wow, what Andrea said.

    Congratulations! In this world, decisions are hard to come by. I will be looking forward to reading about the next stage of the adventure.

  7. How cool is that??? Congratulations on your decision!
    I hope it happens quickly for you.

  8. Anonymous5:57 AM

    All the very best!