Friday, April 21, 2006

I had heard that this happens but....

When Marc and I started the process of adopting Dylan, we had heard some stories about people who have gone to get their children and were murdered by villagers who thought that they were there to steal children and sell them for "parts" in the US and other countries. Part of me didn't want to believe it but the other part of me knew that it probably had happened. I didn't know that it was still going on but apparently it is still happening. Now, these people may have been kidnappers. I have not been able to find the full story on this (if it exists).


  1. I saw that on another Guatemala adoption blog. I guess it happens in more rural areas, but still happens. Good reason to stay close to the hotel, huh?

  2. Violence is most certainly real in Guatemala, especially off the beaten path. I can atest to that from my summer stay there. I won't go into details though. I am not at all surprised that these stories are true. I love the country and will be one of the first to defend it, but I have to admit that you do have to be vigilant.

    It was interesting that they mentioned in the article that this could be a result of violence from the civil war. That war was no joke. I am still haunted by the stories from the people in Nebaj (a village in the mountains). I don't think I will ever forget them and the horror that they lived through. They have a strength we could never even imagine.

  3. That's terrifying. The myth of foreigners using children for their body parts is apparently wide spread, in a China adoption blog the author wrote about having been given cards to hand out to Chinese people who see him with his new son that explain that he is not doing this. He wrote that they don't know about adoption in some parts of the country.