Monday, January 23, 2006

Wow, did I just hang out with a bunch of hotties!!!

Tonight I met some friends at a local favorite bar for drinks and Dylan snuggles. He was loving the ladies and even as I put him to bed he said... Mommy, when I grow up will there still be smoking hot babes for me? I told him not to worry, there would be incredibles ladies for him. Can I tell you how awesome my internet friends are (who are now... since we met F2F are IRL friends)... I figured we would be hanging out, relaxing, playing a bit w/the Dylan (cause he's so into the hot babes). Well, it turned into a baby shower. They all brought presents for the little man. I was so touched! I had met Meeshers* (and her lovely tata's) many times before. Classic Queen*, Lionesse* & PsychoPants* were all new to me. I walked in w/Dylan and yelled.... "Where's my Bitches??" They all loved that hahahaha. My Gd these are some amazing women! All very beautiful both inside and out. I felt very guilty we had to leave early cause asshole Mom (that would be me) forgot to bring Dylan's meds and had to get him home. They were so understanding (ok PP gave me a little shit but I so deserve it). Oh, and get this Cheeseheadpackerfan* sent Meeshers* a present for Dylan from like 2 or 3 states away. I've never met her in person but she sent a gift. These are all my weight watchers friends. They have put up with more of my shit than you will ever know (without the curses because we can't say things like shit, fuck and cunt on weight watchers boards but I can say it here so... neener neener neener). Just another reason that the internet is a beautiful place. GIRLS - I LOVE YOU!!!! ~SMOOCHES~ *internet names only since I didn't get the ok to do otherwise.

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  1. Anonymous7:39 PM

    Hey, Foxx, this is ~dogandmusiclover~ from the GDT and it is so funny to see you write words like shit on this blog! It's hilarious since we don't get to do it on the GDT board!

    : )