Monday, January 09, 2006


Yep - that's about all I can manage today. Dylan started day care (half day) Mommy returned to work (half day) Dylan and Mommy spent rest of days going to doctors (2 and everything is good). Tomorrow a.m. - ped appt and then on to work/day care. This shit is for the birds. Can someone please pass me a winning lottery ticket????


  1. Busy busy days. How did Dylan go at daycare?

    (reading your blog, I already feel like Dylan has been here all along...)

  2. I've just moved you to the 'All Babed Up' section of my link list. It was a nice feeling. Again, congratulations on becoming a mother.

  3. Anonymous9:15 AM

    Good for Mommy and Dylan! Let me in on that lottery!!!

    Ha Ha!!


  4. It must be so hard to tear yourself away from your little lovey. Hope you win!

  5. How did the first day go? Did you cry? Did Dylan cry? I'm freaking out about daycare. You sound so calm about it.

  6. What kind of daycare is it? Will you be able to visit Dylan at lunch time? Does Dylan seem to be okay? I bet it might be more difficult for you than for Dylan. Hey, how about emailing some Dylan pics? I need a Dylan "fix". Might help to snap me out of my nasty mood.