Friday, January 06, 2006

She got me!

Marisa Tagged me so here it goes.. 1. What were you doing 10 years ago? I was miserably single - going to single dances (a/k/a Jew Hops) complaining that I had dated every Jewish man in the tri-state area. Working at MicroWarehouse making mad money. 2. What were you doing 1 year ago? Completing my first injectible cycle. Yep that's it - my entire world at that time was fertility treatments. 3. Five snacks I enjoy: 1. Guacamole (especially Marc's - it's super tasty) 2. Hummus 3. Chips & Onion Dip 4. Laughing Cow Cheese on crackers or celery 5. Nuts - any kind - as long as they're salty (insert joke here) 4. Five songs to which I know all the lyrics 1. I will Survive 2. Our Lips are Sealed 3. Unchained Melody 4. You are my sunshine 5. Inky Dinky Spider 5. Five things I would do if I were a millionaire: 1. Set up a fund to help people who don't have insurance coverage for infertility treatments. 2. Go back to school 3. Weekly Massages 4. Pay off all of our bills & my parents bills 5. Be a SAHM with maids (so I can focus on Dylan and not worry about cleaning the house) 6. Five bad habits: 1. Letting the laundry stack up till I have no choice but to do it. 2. Easily distracted by the computer 3. Putting myself last 4. Holding my emotions in too long 5. Not writing things down and then forgetting things I really need to do. 7. Five things I like doing: 1. Playing w/Marc & DYlan 2. Working out 3. Cooking 4. Dancing 5. Having dinner w/friends 8. Five things I would never wear, buy or get new again: 1. A new car - not worth it. 2. Tube top 3. Anything at Walmart 4. Birkenstocks - I don't care how comfy they are - they are gross 5. Fuggs boots - they are fucking ugly man! 9. Five favorite toys: 1. MP3 player 2. Baby sling - very colorful and lots of fun 3. My furbabies Shadow & Saffie 4. My new purse that goes from a little tiny thing to a huuuugggeee bag 5. Digital Camera So here's the deal: Remove the blog in the top spot from the following list and bump everyone up one place. Then add your blog to the bottom slot cityslicker mom a la carter afrindiemum An Elephant's Gestation Tales From The Stirrups Then select five people to tag: 1. Boy Makes Three 2 Barb - You don't have to do it if you are leaving for Guatemala :) 3. Wessel - sounds like you could use the distraction. 4. Twirl - come on girl - you haven't posted in a while. 5. Amanda


  1. Your favorite snacks sound a lot like mine, except I am allergic to the gaucamole.

  2. Salty nuts... heehee