Tuesday, May 03, 2011

WTF was that???

Last night, Dylan melted.  He melted hard!  Crying uncontrollably.  We haven't had a melt like that since before we pulled him off food dyes.  I even asked him (several times) if he had eaten something that may have had "ickies" in it (our word for food dye).  He insisted he hadn't.  He just cried and cried.  None of our bag of tricks were working.  Not the brushing, the back rubbing, the rocking.  Just made him cry harder.  Only when I began to whisper a new story in his ear did he begin to settle down.  I whispered of a wonderful, handsome prince who lived in a big, pink castle with horses and puppies and kitties and his Mommy and Daddy.  I told him about how the prince would ride his horses and pull the reigns to the left or to the right to turn or back when he wanted to stop (he just learned to manuver the horse this week). Gradually, my sweet boy calmed and finally fell asleep.  I laid there for a while, just listening to him breath, smelling his clear hair and wondering WTF just happened.  It started out as his crying over something really silly and just escalated from there.

I think he's still processing what happened to Marc.   Last week, we were running late due to a neuro appointment and my best friend picked him up at day care.  OMG did he flip out.  He screamed at her "I don't want Mommy and Daddy to go the doctor.  I want them to pick me up".  I think he thought Marc was back in the hospital.  Marc told him that nothing would happen to him and he was okay.  I told him after that he can't say that - he's still having seizures (smells and tastes - not full body) and that until it was completely controlled, he was at risk.  Dylan needs to be prepared so we've shifted gears and are trying to let him know that while it's a possibility, if it does happen, it will be okay. 

At around midnight, Marc brought him into our room.  He climbed in next to me, pushed my one arm under his head and pulled the other over his body.  Any time I moved, he'd pull my hand back over him so not a great night's sleep but I do love it when he's a snuggle monkey. 

I'm just worried about him.  He's seemed, well, off lately. 

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  1. Hi Julie! Shame on me for not checking in sooner! So sorry that Dylan went through this terrible meltdown. I've sat through the very same kinds of stuff until my little guy falls asleep. I'm glad you were able to find the thing that calmed him was your voice with a story. I often wonder whether it is the actual story or just that it is about time for them to get worn out.

    It seems the trigger was the scary stuff he can't fully process yet about Marc. Poor little guy. I hope things are better now for you guys! I have to keep reading to catch up!