Friday, May 13, 2011

Gazing into the crystal ball

When my dear, IRL friend Cecily asked on twitter if anyone would be interested in a free psychic reading I jumped at the chance.  Okay - stop rolling your eyes.  I knew it was for fun but hey, with all the shit going on around me I figured what could it hurt.   I called the 800 number at  It was a neat process and one I've never experienced (the few times I've seen psychics it's been in person).  They offer you a list of psychics to choose from.  I chose one who claimed to be empathic as well as a psychic.  I think her name was Allie but I was walking to work and the morning traffic did make it hard to hear at times.

She asked me why I was calling and I told her I had never done this before.  I just said I wanted a general reading as it pertains to my family.  It was VERY generic, nothing made me gasp and think OMG, how did she know that about me.  However, she just kept telling me that all my problems would be resolving soon.  I really hope she's right.

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