Friday, May 20, 2011

Off we go - update

Well, we aren't going in 2 weeks.  Turns out the researcher isn't available to we are hoping to do it the last week in August which would work better - it's between camp and school.  Less daycare to pay, yay!

In other news, yesterday they were doing roadwork in front of our house.  We decided to drive up the street to meet Dylan's bus.   For some strange reason, Marc was convinced the bus driver would somehow know that there was construction going on (there were no signs) and decided to go over to the next street to keep an eye out for him.  After he walked away, I called the bus company, asked them to radio the driver and let them know where we were.  A second later, the bus turned into the street.  I told Dylan to get his backpack only to find that Marc had it ~insert steam coming out of ears~.  I hear "I'm coming" and here comes Marc, running at full speed, on a wet pavement.  There goes Marc, twisting his ankle and falling into a patch of mud.  Needless to say, the fall triggered Dylan's memory of Marc's seizure and totally freaked him out.  Marc got up, limped over, we got Dylan on the bus and I took Marc home to change.  He got back into the car, put his foot up on the dash and I said, okay - we're going to the hospital. 

A few hours later, we left with an air cast and crutches and instructions to baby his sprained ankle for a few days.

Of course this means all the housework and yardwork we had planned to do this weekend will be done by yours truly - including mowing the lawn.  Let's hope I can do it early enough that I don't end up in hives from the 80+ degree heat we are going to have this weekend.

Wait, I was planning to do the lawn Sunday....  if I get lucky - the rapture will happen and I won't have to mow the lawn.  Oh wait, it's going to be hell on earth so I'm sure I will have to mow - it'll be my pentence for being the heathen that I am.  ~le sigh~


  1. Can Marc not get a break? And in front of Dylan - yikes! Hope all is better for you - I'm still here after the rapture but strangely I don't see any more posts for you! ;) I'll keep looking...

  2. None of that sounds like any fun. At. All. Thankfully, no hell on earth....