Tuesday, January 25, 2011


That's how I feel.  I feel like I'm drowning in information, both a lack of and overload of information.   Every time I think I have a handle on Dylan's challenges either a new one will pop up or an existing one will go into overdrive.  He's sensory seeking like crazy... still.  He gets 3 days of OT a week and hippotherapy on Saturdays and still it's not enough input.   He's still off the charts at school and at aftercare.

If you remember,not too long ago, we had to pull Dylan out of his after care program at school.  Well, we may be faced with that yet again.  His behavior borders on dangerous.  Not because he's doing something terrible, but because he just won't listen - if you try to get between him and his sensory input, he'll jump right over you... literally.  When it's one on one, it's rough.  When it's a high school kid who's responsible for 4-6 other kids, it's a nightmare.   So, we may be facing expulsion yet again.  However, one of the solutions I came up with was acceptable to the program director of the current program.  We'd hire a nanny who would take him to the center after school so he could play with the other children.  That way - he's have his friends but the center wouldn't be responsible for him.  So... after a HUGE meltdown by yours truly yesterday, we at least have a viable option.

Hippotherapy is going well.  He loves it!  It's a great tool (how would Snicker's feel about you not cleaning up after yourself?) and he has a natural gift for it.  I noticed his first day, he immediately fell into the rhythm of the horse.  Last week, a volunteer said "wow, he's in jump pose!".  This is a big deal as the kids are chest down toward the front of the horse.  It's a precarious position and one that takes months of work to accomplish.  Not my little equestrian, he did it properly his second session.  This weekend, after his third session, we were told that he's done with his current horse and ready to move on to a more advanced horse.  The horse he's been on is very smooth and gentle.  The new horse (while a very gentle animal of course) is a little more aggressive with his motion so Dylan will have to work harder to stay in the saddle.

I have a new nephew.  My sister-in-law gave birth last Monday and last night was his bris.  She seems really anxious and, well, down.  I'm worried for her.  She's a pediatrician so I'm hoping that as a physician, she'll recognize postpartum depression (if that is what is going on).  However, doctors tend to have that superman syndrome so I'll be keeping a close watch on things.


  1. Hey pumpkin. I'm sorry you feel like you're drowning. Always here for you. :-)

  2. Sorry things are so tough right now. I keep checking back to see if you did an update and was sad to see that things are overwhelming.

    Glad that hippo therapy is going well though.

  3. I know that drowning feeling. My experience has been we keep trying stuff, therapies, different specialists... trying to find the "key", the "answer", the "solution". Then I get exhausted, over it, so does Will... and we have a break because either one or both of us can't take it anymore. Then something happens or we get our energy back or both, and I start looking for something new.

    Next Monday, when our school year starts, we start a new program called Learning Links... which means I get to pick Will up 15 minutes early from school and drive almost an hour away so he can do two hours of literacy and numeracy work in a small group. It's going to be tough on top of the other activities he and Marinna do but we've decided to make a big effort this year... it's the last year of primary school - high school next year.

    Anyway, good luck with it all. Thinking of you.