Wednesday, December 01, 2010

A Holiday Rant

First... for those of you celebrating Chanukah, Chag Samach!

Okay - now onto my rant.  Here in Philadelphia, there is a Christmas Village at City Hall.  Vendors are set up selling ornaments, tinsel, tree accessories, etc.  There is one person selling Chanukah stuff and one vendor selling Ramadan stuff.  For the most part though, it's Christmas items.

Apparently, some PC idiot got offended and now the name Christmas is being taken down it's now being called the "Holiday Village".  WTF!  Let's look at this please... they are selling ornaments, tree skirts, tree stands, tinsel, angel and star and various other tree toppers and we now have to call it a Holiday Village because there are just so many other holidays that are celebrated with trees and ornaments and tinsel and the like.  Let's see there's Arbor day, no wait, that's not right.  Um, there's Eid Al-Fitr, no that's not it.  Um, Yom Kipper, wrong.  Hmmm oh yeah... there is only one holiday that uses these items and it's Christmas.   Please untwist your panties and let's start calling things what they are without getting overly PC please.  This little Jewish girl has absolutely NO problem whatsoever with a Christmas Village.  If it bothers you so much, start up your own _______(insert religion here) Village.

Let's show a little common sense going in to the New Year please?  And to the parent of the little Jewish girl who was overhead at the Village asking her parent "do we have a Village too?"  the answer is simple.  No sweetie, that's not how we celebrate Chanunkah.  We can, however, enjoy and appreciate what our non-Jewish friends do to celebrate their holiday.

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