Friday, November 26, 2010


Our day started out nice enough.  Got up, showered and dressed and out the door we went to the Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade.  It was lovely.  Dylan lost his mind when the Scooby Doo float went by.  He's on a Scooby kick.  He was fascinated with the big balloons and worried about Frostie when his strings got caught on a light pole.  He just sat atop Marc's shoulders, eating a soft pretzel and watching the wonder that is a parade.  He loved the bands and, since he was wearing a hat with ear flaps, it seems it was enough to filter out the sounds he doesn't like.  Overall, it was a great experience.

Then, Marc's mother offered to take Dylan for the afternoon and bring him home for dinner. Great, we'd have an easier time getting the house cleaned up and dinner prepared (~insert Gd laughing here~).

When we got home, we realized that we were missing a few things so off to the market I went. Got home and realized we had been shorted our squashes at the produce store so back out the door I went. Got home and Marc tells me my Mom stopped by to drop off soup. Great.

Five minutes. Phone Rings. Mom says to me "I just got rear ended. I'm on XXX Road (right around the corner from me) and I'm hurt. I scream at Marc and run out the door and fly over to the accident site. My heart was pounding but it almost leaped out of my chest when I saw a fire truck. I pulled in behind the police car and took off running in the direction of the accident with people yelling at me. Fuck em. That's my Mom. I got to the car as the paramedics were taking her out on a backboard. I totally lost it. It's been 4 years since I lost my Dad and all I could think of is that I can't lose her too. The paramedics were wonderful, told me she was fine and that it was just precautionary. I went home, got Marc and took him back to the site to take her car home (thankfully it was drivable) and ran into the city to get my sister and came back to the hospital together. We stayed with her, she had CT Scan and x-rays and proclaimed her to be fine. She's hurting like hell today but I'll tell you what...

I'm really thankful that she's okay. I'm thankful that my wonderful husband cleaned the house and made almost every dish for the Thanksgiving meal and then cleaned up everything by himself. I'm thankful we are all healthy, have what we need and have a loving family.